tech not turning up right when pressing B

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  1. Putinthefriendly

    Putinthefriendly New Member

    my tech got gliched or something when i attacked and destroyed a Hawkaye Tech, my tech got turned around since i was on a mountain, whenever i pressed B it turned on the side, i tried realoading the game but it would still stay on the side

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  2. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    It looks like your primary cab on that tech may have been added facing straight down or straight up. That is what determines the tech's control system orientation and build beam too.

    If it had been working fine up until this point, did you have another cab on the tech (correctly oriented) that got destroyed?

    Can you please upload a snapshot of this tech if this doesn't resolve your issue?
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  3. DrShadox

    DrShadox GeoCorp worker

    Btw it can be a trick for work under your tech easier , i mean press B for beam , flip your cab , press B for turn off beam and press it again , since the tech position is stick to the cab orientation (like ZG said) , your tech will flip upside down and the under will be above , so you can work on it easier.

    A little clip for show you what i mean :
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  4. Putinthefriendly

    Putinthefriendly New Member

    thanks for all the replies and yes my issue has been fixed, thanks to ZeroGravitas reply i had a cab under my tech and my main cab got destroyed, so thanks for the help
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  5. ZeroGravitas

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    Ah, great. I'll move this thread from "Bugs" to "Community Help", in that case. Glad we could help. :)

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