Talking TerraTech: Lead designer Kris Skellorn on getting started with harvesting and crafting


Sep 16, 2014
London, UK
As our backers will know, harvesting and crafting are both crucial elements when it comes to surviving in TerraTech's off-world – elements that Beta players have been lucky enough to get to grips with for a while now.

But what do both systems have to offer for Beta newcomers? And what new updates do we have planned to roll out in the future?

The man in the know is lead designer Kris Skellorn, who – in our latest blog post – details how we've always envisioned TerraTech to be “more than just endless battles and rebuilds”.

The idea is to layer that base with a wider range of experiences. As the man himself says, the additions of the harvesting and crafting systems is designed to evolve TerraTech from a nomadic foraging experience into one focused more on fleet leadership and resource management - and that's an evolution that's set to continue.

If you're new to the Beta then you'll not want to miss Kris's step-by-step video guide to making the most of these new harvesting and crafting systems, and if you've not signed up to the Beta at all yet then now could be the time! Head here to get involved:

You can check out Kris' exclusive blog on harvesting and crafting in the TerraTech Beta here;
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Sep 20, 2014
What I would love to see is an evolution much like industrial craft (minecraft). You start out very simple and nomantic , gathering resources yourself with simple tools. Slowly he gear gets better and you finally are able craft machines that will harvest resources for you , so if becomes about the configuration/ logistics of mass production. THEN you get to mass battles with AI allies and you rushing to defend your massive supply network! ( the coolest thing I've ever seen was an ingame item that basically made a giant Command and Control room. Each one of my mini bases was on the map and if any was ever attacked it would sound sirens through the main base were I was so I knew to get my gear and move out quick!)
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