TACtical AIs Enemy Tech Suggestion Thread


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May 20, 2017
This is the thread to submit Techs for the Random Spawns in TACtical AIs.

It will remain open indefinitely or for as long as someone is able to tend to this thread

To Generate JSON or RAWTECH Techs: Pause the game with your current Tech and press the "SAVE RAW" button in the upper left hand corner.
To Find your JSON or RAWTECH files: Go to your TerraTech Directory (same as Custom Blocks) and look for the "Raw Tech" folder - They should be in that folder
To Test your JSON or RAWTECH Techs: In Creative, press [Ctrl and '-'] to open the local Raw Tech spawner - note that this requires them to be in the "Enemies" folder within the "Raw Tech" folder.

If you want to use your own Techs locally, go to the Raw Tech folder specified above and drag what raw techs you want into use into the "Enemies" folder

Suggestion Guidelines:
These can change - Discuss any thoughts, feedback, or ideas for changes in [>The Discussion Thread<]
Do not chain post - You cannot post after posting until someone else has posted after. You can submit more than one Tech per post

You can submit multiple JSON or RAWTECH files (preferred with a screenshot of them all) here:
Tech Snapshots can be posted without JSON or RAWTECH files as well, but they are less likely to be accepted.
Any tech from any block mod can be accepted, as long as they meet some guidelines:
  • Tiny Techs - Runner enemies, will likely run away from the player - unarmed Techs are guaranteed to run
  • In-Between - Will act like normal
  • Eradicators - Huge, very rare spawns that could threaten or destroy the Player Tech
  • Bases - Must be anchor-able and any conveyors are avoided or built without manually changing directions on them
    - The AI will not be able to use fabricators on a base, but you can keep fabricators on it.
    - You can submit HQs as well, they are basically Eradicators of bases.
  • Wheeled - Try to focus on land blocks but you can stray a bit.
  • Naval Ships - For each wheel, add a wing or spoiler, include gyros, and have suitable methods of water propulsion.
  • Airplanes - Has at least 5 wings, non-hover propulsion and most propulsion facing forwards.
  • Helicopters - Has non-hover propulsion, include gyros, and most propulsion facing upwards.
  • Air/Spaceships - Contains an Antigrav or hoverbugged hovers, gyros and other suitable methods of propulsion.

You can suggest a grade for the Tech to spawn at, but please don't suggest a goliath of a tech mower to sit at GSO grade 1 or the like.

Also supports Control Blocks, but they can only aim or extend when an enemy is nearby.
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taking a break from TAC Pack
May 20, 2017
yes I did post again - I blame the forums post letter limit

By submitting a suggestion you agree to the following:
Limitations of the fast but simple RAW Tech loader:
  • Your Tech will not always be able to randomly spawn
    - Blocks aren't always available to spawn.
  • Your Tech will not be able to be easily traced back to you
    - The RAW Tech loader does not save creator data.
  • Your Tech will only be able to spawn in their default corp colors
    - The RAW Tech loader does not save paint data.
  • Your Tech JSON/RAWTECH has not been tampered with and doesn't contain DLC and/or non-Creative inventory blocks
    - Illegally included external blocks and changes are cleaned out anyways (load and spawn) but will result in missing/loose parts.
  • Your Tech's name or shape may be changed upon insertion
    - It could be caused by naming conflicts or something else.
  • You are okay if your Tech is removed from the loader without notice

Ownership Issues:
  • The Tech's name must NOT feature any Sensitive Subject content:
    This exclusion includes:
    - Bad Language - self-explanatory.
    - Any specific self-promotional username on the Tech - lets keep it simple.
    - Any TerraTech Kingdoms, Cults, or Groups unless they have a existing BLOCK mod in Forums or Steam and it makes up more than 50% of that Tech.
    - Any other matter that could start a flame war - This is very broad and can probably even relate to matters you may think it may not apply to.
    - The Denial or Lack of Action applies.
    If this is violated, the Tech's name will be subject to change
  • You agree that your Tech will spawn in other's games, and you assume full responsibility for if someone steals your Tech from this mod.

Denial or Lack of Action From TACtical AI PR Mod Managers (@Legionite):
  • They will not always be available to look at this thread.
  • Do not pester the TACtical AI PR Mod Manager(s).
  • There will not be any explanation served for a "Denial or Lack of Action" unless a TACtical AI PR Mod Manager does so.
  • "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone"
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Oct 14, 2017
I dunno
Alright let's start this off with agony and, memes.

someone send help why am i here again and why is that associated with a tech called "big chungus amogus" that's basically a replica of average twitter techs-

I suggest you change the name to something that isn't the embodiment of pain.
Forums also won't let custom file extensions through so have a zip of a .rawtech.


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Oct 9, 2020
I wish there were more submissions in this thread Introducing various techs in this submissions 3 new,2 somewhat old. (5th Submission is Last minute and isn't in the Photo) No clue if the Hoverbug Flying tech would be accepted though (the second tech with wings)1633093169966.png


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