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Jul 6, 2018
Hello Legionite,

Just read the content of your mod latest update and it's more than impression, specially the addition of the enemy capability to mount attacks.

This made me wonder something though: if the enemy is capable of sending units in an organise manner, shouldn't we be given the same ability?

By this I mean the ability to organise "combat groups" or squads. The idea would be to select different techs and assign them a group. The tech group would then be given one of the AI orders (tank, recon, raid, etc...), a bit like an RTS game.

Moreover, just wondering, if there was the remote possibility to select several techs at the same time to give them a group order.

It's more a curiosity than a real suggestion. I have doubts this could be done. Anyhow, I'm still amazed by what you've done
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Mar 23, 2021
hello legionite,

as much as I'm in love with your mod, I am experiencing some difficulties.
I cannot switch between ai types.
If a tech is assigned a 'tank' ai(the auto-assign when I activate the ai), I cannot give it a 'space' ai, even though the tech is antigrav based, doesn't have wheels, and has the bf ai modules.

Do you know how I could fix this?