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May 20, 2017
(TAC now has naval AIs)

Disclaimer: They are all females due to naval vessels commonly being referred to as “she”
Each Vessel has it’s own name and thus, sister ships.

They were not developed by Rodrigo, but by his disciples.
On thing is for sure.
Rodrigo’s disciples, well, watch too much 2000’s generation Anime
Note: Most Naval Vessels have blue eyes, while the Space-faring ones mostly have black eyes.

These AI are rarely, if not allowed to communicate amongst each other in the CTP for the following reasons:
1. Rodrigo despises these AIs because their personalities are very conflictive vs the spaceships
2. It is unknown if Sozin actually likes/despises these AIs existing on their masterwork (hasn’t returned to TAC in awhile)
3. They haven’t really experienced in the Kiwi Wars, and are thus not really true veterans of war.

(More coming soon)
TACN Glasgow (*Glasgow-class Heavy Cruiser*)
Visual in CTP: Scottish Ani Character. Plaid skirt with red lines ’n stuff. Something inspired by some ancient thing called a KC.
Race: Maritime AI First Generation
Attitude: Kind, but is a total yandere without Erick onboard.
Gender: Female
Obedience: 100% with Erick, 0% without Erick(is restrained in dry-dock when Erick is on land)
Likes: Erick
Hates: Erick on not Glasgow
View: Erick, pride of the fleet!
Assigned Ship: Glasgow(duh)
+ Long-Range Spotting: Has a very advanced Coincidence rangefinder on board that allows the ship user to see far
+ Reactive Shields: Can take some very nasty explosive hits while sustaining minimal damage. Rapid-fire attacks are more deadly against this type of shield.
+ Flagship Fleet Comms: Can operate like the H4wkN3t Antenna/Radar for communications if needed.

- Extreme Fangirl: Throughly obsessed with Erick. May attack ships (excludes her sister) with blanks if Erick salutes them (without saluting her), then goes out of sight.
- ~~( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)~~: no. Don’t you DARE think of that.
Other notes:
She is normally friendly unless you insult Erick, then she goes TOTALLY BERSERK.
She is offended with insults aimed towards herself, but never gets overly argumentative.
Erick is totally unaware of this lol
Past history:
Glasgow liked her first captain Fernandez Grant. And all of the captains before.
But never has she had a connection to a captain like Erick.
She is overly attached to Erick and his love for naval vessels. She cannot handle separation from him. She would give *her life* at all costs to insure Erick’s safety.
However, Erick doesn’t seem to notice this relationship, making it solely one-sided.
It is far easier to do things on Discord.
In case you were wondering who Erick is, then the latest news info is on the Discord.
Race: Human
Age: 18~ish (minor)
Reputation: Not at Sozin’s level yet
Attitude: Naval Ships are better than Space Ships. PERIOD.
Allegence: Disciple of Sozin, the Grandmaster Naval Ship Builder
Gender: Male
Obedience: 100% - 50% (varies on “ships”)
Ride: NONE
Vessel: TAC Glasgow (first TAC Navy vessel ever made)
Height: 5'6 Weight: 118lb
View: The TAC Navy Rules.
+ Potent Thinker: Despite his age, he is fully capable of running a fully-functional ship with all the bells and whistles. This is arguably not the best because Sozin helps out with this as well.
+ Adept swimmer: in the extremely unlikely case that his TAC vessel is sunk, Erick will be able to swim to shore easily.
+ Natural aiming skills: Aims like Markus One?!?! Uses Coincidence Rangefinders to paint targets for naval artillery strikes. Because of this, he is effectively the eyes of the whole fleet.
+ Unlikely Relative ~ looks sort of like Yozare, despite the circumstances.

- Underage: You know what this means. Young and careless. He runs everywhere on the ship, a slight chance of tripping somebody. He is also not really allowed on the bridge while the ship is in a warzone, because safety reasons.
Ridley: Leave it to me!

Past history: Erick was originally the firstborn human when TAC HQ was established on [NotExactlyPlanet].
Ever since he saw a naval ship, he was fascinated by it. Every year, he would ask, "can I pilot the GSO scanner ship”? When he was old enough, he met Sozin and was intrigued by their ability to design ships.

Eventually, he reached 17 years old and was allowed to pilot the Glasgow under Sozin’s supervision. How many tests did he have to pass in order to get where he is today?
That's a VERY long story.

Yozare? Underage Anime girl? Captain of the Valhalla?!?!
(I swear to Crafty, The Mindless Dominion better not declare war on us just because of this...)
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May 20, 2017
TACN Edinburgh(Edinburgh-class Heavy Cruiser)
Visual in CTP: Probably the cutest looking one in the whole fleet.
Race: Maritime AI Ranged
Attitude: Cutesy and forgiving, but can be blunt at times.
Gender: Female
Obedience: 80% - 20%(when in distress)
Likes: Glasgow and Angelica
View: Looking though binoculars
Assigned Ship: TACN Edinburgh(duh)
+ Ranged Support: Edinburgh has cannons that can shoot beyond the standard “halfway across the planet” range. She can hit a target across the entire planet. But this requires assistance from allied satellites since Glasgow can’t see that far.
+ Fence Shields: Can block an indefinite amount of explosive attacks, but will still suffer light explosive damage from each. 50% of hostile bullets pass through.
+ Sub-detection capability: Sees undersea subs quickly.

- Not Frontline: Edinburgh was designed as a long-ranged artillery vessel for target suppression. This means that she is very vulnerable when alone. She is often escorted by other warships.
- Heavily Specialized: Edinburgh is blind to arial attacks. In exchange for faster communication with satellites, she traded off her airborne detection array. Other vessels must relay information to Edinburgh so that she knows where the airborne threats are.
Other notes: (under works)
Past history: The ship name Edinburgh has had a long line of naval vessels behind it. The previous Edinburgh back on Earth was immobilized by a submarine missile and continued to fight valiantly until she took too much damaged and was scuttled, so this Edinburgh features a full suite of torpedo detection systems to point out torpedoes for Angelica to intercept.

In case you were wondering, Edinburgh is this one:
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