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Apr 27, 2020
Nivor, Old Sector, Home Galaxy
I just bulit a flyer with LME power and props from hawkeye and the idea is that you will not need to hold down shift(or LT for me) and you can set your forward power. It's called the Apex Predator and it has amazing stability although it does turn terribly. Will share a pic when I have time.AKA Never™
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TAC Packing
May 20, 2017
You know what, maybe I should post TAC Pack R&D updates here...
Time to dust off the old, rusted RP module...

Some years later, the EFF is still trying to get a hold of TAC's next payment, sending war threats over delivery cannon express mail.

The DEMA[Dark Moon Eclipse AI], the rogue TAC AI, is still yet to be seen in a while.

So the other day Rodrigo(R&D director) and Mason(TAC science officer) were fighting over the lack of wings without a streamlined build fashion.

We enter the TAC R&D.

It's been a while since Diamondnife built the original R&D, and it has ever-expanded since. there is now a hex-shaped section beside it embedded within the pillar of which the TAC HQ resides on.

Mason: *Throwing a paper airplane* You know, the Hawkeye wings can't cut the job all the time...

Legionite: It's fine. They work fairly well as they stand.

Katherine: *Scribbling down digital notes*

Rodrigo: The industry sort of lacks wings that are taller than 2 blocks and are strong AND manuverable.

Legionite: Hmmm, that's true. Venture wings don't exactly fit the bill for durable aircraft...

Mason: Let's look at the options:

- GSO handles like, well, GSO. Cheap, yet the turning makes me want to drive my plane into the ground, literally.
- GEOCorp has no wings because they make earthmovers and not birds
- Venture wings have health equivalent to toilet paper under a monsoon
- Hawkeye wings don't handle heavy loads as well as they should in practice
- Better Future wings lack APs and have known to cause aircraft stalling.
- Space Junker wings, don't even get me started on them for quality.
- Legion wings are too unorthodox for conventional heavy use.
- Reticule Research wings lack reasonable reliability.

And then we have the more recent corporations:
- Lemon Kingdom wings are too big for small aircraft.
- Black Lab's wings almost reach the goal, but are stopped short by the same issues HE has.
- Greentech wings aren't redundant enough in design.

and NONE of them are two blocks tall!

Legionite: hmmm...

Rodrigo: What about we take some older jumbo jet designs and see what we can take from them?

Legionite: Hmmm. So basically with these two-block-tall jumbo-jet wings, we cut them like S-shapes and have them tile in a pattern like the wood floor tiles in the living quarters?

Mason: Sounds like a plan to me

Rodrigo: Now the APs though. This will restrict the application of APs on the bottom of the aircraft. :/

Legionite: Simply make a wing with a cut-out that deals with that! :D

Mason: still, releasing all of that unused TAC R&D stuff to the public like that wasn't that smart of an idea

Katherine: *Is already at work dismantling existing jumbo jet wing schematics*

Katherine: here!

Katherine: oops, wrong one

Katherine: Here!


Mason: This is going to end up expensive, isn't it...

Rodrigo: Gotta pay the AI
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nevermind probably overhauling dl
Oct 14, 2017
I dunno
here have that hgjin thing despite there being *a* darklight block in there it's mostly HE/TAC
requirements for loading it in should be the same except for the TAC pack being 0.4.0 instead of 0.3.3f, no BL rails and hoping antigravity actually works

Hgjin XC7.png
i can't put a zong since there are deprecated blocks that no longer exist on it

otherwise i slap the block boat pile on over to TAC like i did with the speedboat:tm:
GSO Block Boat Pile.png
dangit all my recent techs are DL


Writing a book and cracking math problems
Apr 27, 2020
Nivor, Old Sector, Home Galaxy
Me: bulids A-10
finds HE wings can only barely manage to turn the thing around within render distance
yes please new wings needed
although these wings need to be more versatile like the black labs wings to be able to join together.
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