TAC - Technocratic AI Colony [complexity]


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Jul 9, 2016
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Class names:

Ship prefixes:

Ship names:
Roving Leviathan
Guardian Angel
Flying Castle
Alchemist's Light


Apr 2, 2017
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Spaceship sizes:

  • Tiny (up to 10 meters)
  • Small (up to 100 meters)
  • Medium (up to 1 kilometer)
  • Large (up to 5 kilometers
  • Massive (up to 25 kilometers)
  • MEGA (up to 100 kilometers)
  • UBER (up to infinity light years)


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May 20, 2017
TAC's Rules of RP Respect/Commander Attack Bonuses:
(Sorry for not posting this for a long time... Was busy with things)
+ Okay, for those who didn't know, TAC doesn't care that you bring it's forces into battle, just don't expect combat bonuses if you aren't a commander.
+ Anybody can have a Tech built on request, just post the order in this thread!

The main difference here is that the combat tank commanders/ace pilots/naval admirals get combat bonuses in combat with their respective units in RP, resulting in better vehicle commanding in their respective expertise.
This means that the Tank Commanders get their bonuses with only land Techs they are using, Airborne Aces get get their bonuses with only air Techs they are using, Naval Admirals get their bonuses with only sea Techs they are using, Advanced Astronauts get their bonuses with only space Techs they are using, and Durable Defenders get their bonuses with only base/stationary Techs they are using:
The attacker usually goes first, then the defender does his action.

The attacker is the person who launches the attack on a kingdom/kingdom Tech. The kingdom member who is controlling the attacker is to remain constant throughout battle to prevent too much confusion. That member is not allowed to bring in any more Techs into the battle. Bigger armies take more turns to move to position.
Additional attackers from TAC can join in a active battle with new Techs, but they can only command the Techs they brought into combat only.

Mindsets on a Tech determine what the defender is going to do if none of the members are online when it is attacked (this can also be set to "is controlled by citizen" to make sure a citizen of that kingdom will be able to command it in combat), or the defender can be controlled by its kingdom members.
The defender is free to bring any available Techs into an active battle, but those Techs will take time to arrive depending on how far they are.
Immobile Defenses are an exception to this rule, as they cannot move, but be logical- a TAC planet defense cannot attack a planet on the other side of the Terra Tech space system!

Commander Boosts:
A Commander cannot be a "kingdom leader" at the same time.
A kingdom citizen that is a Pilot/Airborne Ace, Driver/Land Commander, Sailor/Naval Admiral, Advanced Astronaut/Space Commander, or Durable Defender/Defense Coordinator will receive boosts for his/her respective Techs in combat.

A Pilot/Airborne Ace is a very keen arial combat expert. His/Her planes receive a combat bonus and can perform advanced maneuvers in the sky to dodge and attack enemies effectively. Can dodge incoming missiles without countermeasures with the right maneuvers on the right Techs. Small Airborne AI's under his or her wing are almost unstoppable unless the enemy has some missiles on them.

Advanced maneuvers with Arial Techs:
Barrel Roll!: Dodge all incoming shots at the cost of not actually being able to attack that turn.

Advanced U-Turn: Reverse your direction and fire after doing so!

Accelerated Dive-Bomb: Dive directly into your opponent an pull up at the last second!
Maximises damage against the target while greatly exposing aircraft to the target that this maneuver is aimed at.
(Best used against non-defensive structures or weakened defenses)

Crash: Ram into the Target and have a slight chance to send them to NaN Land(AKA Deep Space Kraken Den)! You lose all aircraft assigned to this task though...

AA Alert: Increases durability of aircraft (while active) at the cost of attack accuracy (while active).

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TAC Packing
May 20, 2017
A Driver/Land Commander is a veteran of normal Tech battles. He/She is able to control the army in possession really well and can perform "Tech layouts", allowing the commander to precisely position Techs in his/her land army so that the Tank Techs are at the front and the weak ranged ones are in the back:

Advanced maneuvers with land Techs is:
Automated Block: Intercepting incoming artillery shells by using the build beam to hover the tech into the way of the artillery rounds. Great for stopping shells from hitting another Tech by letting the tank Tech take the hits. This takes the participating Tech's attack turn away though.

Strafe Right/Left: Increases chances of dodging shells, but decreases chances of hitting targets. Missiles cannot fire while doing this as they have a high chance of "premature detonation"(except for the VEN Missiles, they are weaker anyway).

Tilt-and-Shoot: The commanded Tech moves backward a bit, then forward abruptly, allowing the weapons on the Tech to shoot far like artillery. This maneuver is great without artillery, but sacrifices a chance to move in a turn. This does allow non-artillery to shoot far, but it isn't as good as normal artillery, which has much more accuracy. Only works with Techs armed with at least one GSO Megaton or HK HG Cannon with treads.

Stop-and-Shoot: Causes your Techs to stop very now and then and fire all of their weapons at an enemy immobile Tech for full accuracy against immobile land targets while being partially exposed while doing so.

A Naval Admiral commands sea Techs like a boss. Seas aren't that common on the Off-World, but they do allow for massive and powerful naval Techs to take place! Naval Techs are much more durable over the land Techs, along with extra range that allows them to bombard attackers from afar before they can even get into range!(They have mostly cannons for attack)
(will add more later)

An Advanced Astronaut commands space Techs like the Massive TAC Mothership to destroy rebel scum throughout the stars (okay, maybe not rebel scum, but enemies of TAC). Take action in the most hottest (or coldest, depend on how you view space) combat topic in the TerraTech Kingdoms Subforums!
(will add more later)

A Durable Defender commands stationary defenses (immobile Techs in Land, Sea, Air, and Space) and "Mobile Base Techs" for extraordinary bonuses in, well Tech durability as well as some special maneuvers that *might* intercept whole clusters of missiles aimed at destroying one of your defenses. You've got way more time and methods to stop the attackers from destroying your Techs in comparison to the other 4 specializations, just expect to not be an active participant in combat unless you are commanding a Mobile Base Tech with Manufacturing Capabilities.
(will add more later)

Most of these advanced maneuvers are actually possible in Vanilla Terra Tech, you just need skillz to pull it off.
If you have any suggestions or Techs to request, reference this post and "Snip" it to show that it is related to this post.
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Apr 9, 2017
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Wait a (business) minute, there are oceans in-game? Why does nobody tell me anything? Also, wouldn't Naval Admirals have a decrease in health? I mean, you need lighter metals if you want to float, right? Shouldn't hovers be on this list(they are unique)? Why are all my sentences questions?
(Can you help me?)


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May 20, 2017
there are oceans in-game?
No... Hopefully it happens...

you need lighter metals if you want to float, right?
Funny thing is that most TAC ships are made out of mostly HK parts, so super bulky.
Not sure if they actually float, but they've got to have some floatation because the wheels they have have air in them right!? (They are so going to sink when water does come out...)

Shouldn't hovers be on this list(they are unique)?
Yep, some ships have integrated hovers (I think).