TAC - Technocratic AI Colony [complexity]


TAC Packing
May 20, 2017
Welcome to the
Technological Realm Of Intelligent AI and Magnificent Robo-Synthetics Colony!
Contribute to this kingdom and watch it grow!


[War and Diplomacy]
[Militia Available]
[Airship Specifications]
[Positions in Command]
[PLANETARY Operations]

King/AI Overlord: Legionite

The Current TAC Kingdom ex-King/Overlord: diamondnife
asked for Legionite to be the kingdom leader, but Legionite is really busy right now, so Legionite is looking for a new King/AI Overlord.
It will change based on the winner of the challenge hosted by the "Challenge Master",
and could be called a "Challenge Champion"

Challenge Master: Position Open
The "Challenge Master" will create challenges to determine the king, who must first be:
- A resident of TAC
- Create a challenge that pleases the king- (AI related?)

Newcomers are welcome to TAC, just state if you want to join TAC in this thread.
Dual citizenships are supported with other kingdoms, just don't expect things to be easy if the other kingdom decides to go to war with us...
[Elite Citizens]

The Kingdom's State:

(This thread may be under occasional updates.)
Be sure to check on this post from now to then for more details.

Renovations underway, please wait...
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TAC Packing
May 20, 2017
To start off this kingdom, I have brought some AI Techs with me:

The Red Bird is the oldest successful Airborne AI out of my Airborne AI's I have created.
Red Bird.png
It is a Airborne AI Tech.
Works under Enemy AI.

This is an early prototype AI Harvester that automatically harvests resources and sells them while orbiting the player.
AI AutoHarvester MK1.png
It is a Harvester AI Tech.
It currently is untested under Enemy AI control

This is the Hover Bug, a orbiting AI Tech that doesn't stop to get hit.
Hover Bug2.png
It is a Land AI Tech.
It somewhat works under
Enemy AI control
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Nov 2, 2016
I have something I'm working on (LMWS) that involves the AI and have a stable prototype of it operational atm with plans to expand on it. I'll post more of it here after I show it in the next Com Core if it's not a themed one again (not sure why I bother with the CC as my last few entries were....well not shown properly I'll say. Really hate that twitter text limit for instructions).
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Jun 10, 2017
The Technocratic AI Colony.
Does this count as a Flying AI?

It's the Hover-bomber MK-IV. Took me a lot of trial and error, but it works with both friendly and enemy AI.
(Can I join the kingdom now?)

Edit: It does tend to nose-dive when going over rough terrain, but even so, it keep on going strong after it crashed twice for me.
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TAC Packing
May 20, 2017
Yes, you can join the kingdom now (it's still really small right now).;)

Nice house by the way, Ill see when I can add it to the kingdom.

(You are in;))

I have seen some of your awesome hover bug creations in action. I also understand how confusing the Community Core submit can be, as my first submission never made to the stream (It was the Legion "concept art" Tech :(). You are also technically permitted to become a kingdom citizen, at this point only your approval is needed.;)
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Nov 2, 2016
Copied from the Com Core.

Tired of your AI units humping your backside? Waiting eons for them to catch up even though they can drive laps around you due to their techs speed rating?

What to do then? Wait for the AI to be fixed? Who knows when they can get to it. Not use AI? That's no fun as we all want that fleet of rolling/hovering/flying death to follow us around and do our bidding.

Why not just bring them with you then.

Well worry no more my fellow TerraTechians

Presenting the Legion Modular Weapons System.


(just a jpeg and not viable for loading the tech. Tech along with attached modules are in the game save below)


Follow green arrows till you find the tech above. Set AIs to defend and follow red arrows. Will need to re-issue defend orders in combat. (weird bug with AI with this setup)

Consisting of an expandable modular STABLE (barring any rollovers with AI auto righting or high impacts) design, the user can design anything that conforms to the base carriers (this one or your own design) layout as long as it does not hinder said base carrier (overhanging/dragging weapons/blocks, allowing weapons with extending barrels (HE cannon or autocannon, two block space guns) to collide with other modules or carriers, or throwing off the carriers balance for proper controls).

This system allows for independently targeting/tracking weapons (this is what some of us want our own weapons on a single tech to do devs) platforms or support modules.

This is not a new concept (@reaperx1 had a video of someone elses version of this (forget who sorry) before HawkEye came out half a year/year ago or longer IIRC) however I believe this way of doing it is a lot more user friendly and customizable/stable.

1)Due to the nature of this system you WILL experience FPS tanking if too many carriers with attached modules are in the same area (based on size), or too many modules attached to a single carrier (also based on size) due to how the game handles friction/collisions of blocks and size of techs as this is what this system is doing like with any multi-tech.
2)The AI has some weird issues when hostiles come too close (humping range mostly) and will stop firing. Either move outside combat range then re-engage or re-issue defend orders on them.
3)Like any multi-tech, be careful with any high speed impacts that would bounce the tech as this could shake the modules loose. DO NOT move in build beam mode as they WILL shake/pop loose.

The pictured tech above comes equipped with:
1) 8 module bays; 1 fore, 1 middle rear, and 3 on each side (can split the front between 2 modules like the pic above shows)
2)An internal power generation system (8 mobile gens and single delivery cannon for non fuel and excess sell off) with 2 receivers near the front inside treads. It's slow due to the dual singular intakes and singular line leading to 6 of the 8 gens and dev cannon but can keep you topped off or fill your batteries (if you focus on that for a bit) on your travels.
3)30 Geo batteries.
4) 24 HE boosters with a 1-1 ratio of HE tanks.
5)A skirt of 18 or so shotguns to help keep techs away from the carrier (doesn't always work)
6)4 magnets (one on each corner) for salvage collection. This might be removed due to some parts will get caught in places they don't belong and the chance of the missiles hitting them when they enter the SCU.

I've included a pair of other techs (I'm calling them escorts due to their size and singular module bay) using this system with differing weapon load-outs along with an unarmed but bubbled battlefield cleaner (named the HammerHead, don't know why this name) next to where you load in.

To make these ones AI enabled:
1)For the Escort class remove the 2x2 armor on the back of the upper hull and place an AI block in the open space there, lower left IIRC.
2) for the HammerHead place 1 on either or both sides next to the exposed shield bubble on the top next to the HE radar blocks.


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Jul 9, 2016
The results of my attempt to build a defense platform a la tower defense games:

The turret it's currently equipped with: (platform supports all turrets with flat base except for 1 hawkeye small bracket for the axle - no guarantees on turning speed)
a modified battleship turret - turns using bike wheels

as you can tell I have yet to master the art of making aesthetically-pleasing yet functional turrets


TAC Packing
May 20, 2017
Resource Management
Raw Harvestable Resources Stored: (Resources now transfer between planets)
Wood | +++++++++++++ (Collecting and selling) [Mass Harvesting]
Plumbia | ++++++++++++++++ (Mining a nearby seam)
Titania | +++++++++++++++++ (Great amount)
Fuels | +++++++++++++ (Harvest underway- mostly carbite) [Autominer]
Crystals | ++++- (A mysterious crystal is now being investigated) [Autominer]
Electronic | +++++++++ (Mining) [Autominer]
BuildBucks| 120,710.0k, or something like that... (Just updated now- expect the huge boost)
Science | 1270- Research is being done

Available Resource Nodes:
Wood | +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (Grasslands found!)
Plumbia | XXXX (Mining "Mines", now on other planets)
Titania | xxxx (Small resource nodes found)
Fuels | +++++++++++++++++ [Automining]
Crystals | ++++++++++ [Automining]
Electronic | ++++++++++++ [Automining]

Wood Harvesters:

- Light Wood Harvester- Working in Grasslands
- [Mass] Wood Harvester- Working in Grasslands
- Armored Thermal-Proof Multi-Harvester- Need to build on lava planet instead

GSO: Fab is up and running- Busy crafting various Tech items
GEO: Fab is up and running- Building Replacement Parts
VEN: Fab is up and running- Building Replacement Parts
HK: Fab is up and running- Building various blocks
EXP: R&D Research Lab is built and running
GSO Autominer researched
The rebels have a number of interesting things

Tech Production:
Small Tech Building Facility: Done!
Adv Tech Building Facility: Done!
GEO Techyard - Renovations underway

GEO Techyard is operational- Massive Tech production increase of 500%!
VEN: 2 Fab
HK: Fab x4
Field: Structure building directed by the Main Hut of Operations

Aegis AA Destroyer in prototyping

Resource Consumers:
The Main Hut of operations- None
Resource management base on Pillar #1- Various resources: Auto
Small Tech Building Facility: Idle
The Throne- Idle
GSO light perimeter defenses-
Defending against various dangers
Adv Tech Building Facility- Being built

HK heavy defense walls- being set up
HK Border Artillery- Defending against various dangers

Rented GEO Corp "Earth Crusher"- Left, is busy in another
Medium Dry Dock- Making Aegis AA Destroyer
Large Dry Dock- Idle

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TAC Packing
May 20, 2017
+ HQ- Scanning for enemy presence...
+ The Main Hut of Operations
+ Resource management base on Pillar #1
+ Small Tech Building Facility- Working on Wood Mass Harvester
+ GSO light Ground perimeter defenses- Defending against
Bandits and Raiders
+ Medium Dry Dock- Operational: Waiting for a sizable amount of Build Bucks
+ The Throne- diamondnife is a leader
+ GSO Naval Defenses
+ HK Outpost
+ Railgun defense panel
+ Civilian District with some skyscrapers and work facilities
+ Medium Tech Factory
+ Pretorian Perimeter Defences

Under Work:
New update thread

Currently Working:
Land Techs:
+ Venture Exploration Rover- Returning home
+ Tiny Mining Tech x27- Mining Plumbite ore pillar seams
+ Light Wood Harvester x7- Harvesting wood in Grasslands
+ Mass Wood Harvester x4- Harvesting wood in Grasslands
Combat Walkers
+ Stringer Mech MK8
Atmospheric Capital Ships
+ HFL Condor- Awaiting orders
+ TAV Hydra (Hyperion Class Battlecruiser)- Idle
+ 10 Kebabian Interceptors- Docked with TAC Mothership
+ 30 Kebabian Interceptors- Docking with TAC Hydra
+ TAC Emperor Siege Warship
+ TAC Avalon Cruiser
+ TAC Carriers
+ Caerleon Strike Cruiser x2
+ TAC Ragnarok
+ TAC Assailant MK2 x2
+ Many more somewhere in here...
In Research & Development
- TAC Claw Cruiser
- TAC "Disorientation"

Tiny GSO AI Defender Team: Obsolete
+ Tiny GSO AI Defender #1- At a museum
+ Tiny GSO AI Defender #2-
Unit Destroyed

Squadron: Alpha Mallet Tank Brigade:
+ AI Infantry: 20x HK AIs armed with ZK-47s, 30, Gruntle Guard AIs armed with ZK-47s, 10 Venture AIs armed with ZK-47s, 0 GEO Corp AIs(totally useless and does absolutely nothing in combat.)
+ Upgraded Heavy 4 Barrel Mallet Tank Alpha Leader
+ Upgraded Heavy 4 Barrel Alt Mallet Tank Sargent
+ Upgraded Heavy 3 Barrel Mallet Tank Trooper x5
+ Mallet Tank Trooper x2

Squadron: HEAVY Metal

+ Gloucester- Docked at Medium Harbor: Patroling the waters to keep pirates away.

+ Glasgow x3- Docked at Makeshift bay: Awaiting orders!
+ Buran x2
+ TAV Arcduke x2
+ Tiny Scout Ship- Analyzing strange rock formations...
+ Sea Constructor- Building various naval turrets

+ TI-001-3 Blackdaw x3
+ TAC Dots x20

+ Mothership (TAC Valhalla) + 7 Fighters[Cargo Bay], 10 Kebabian Interceptors[Cargo Bay]
+ TAV Hydra (Hyperion Class Battlecruiser) Atmo Capable + 30 Kebabian Interceptors[Gantries]
+ an assortment of Cargo Spaceships
+ TAC EnforcerX Heavy Frigate x6

+ TAC Avalon Cruiser
Atmo Capable
+ TAC Caerleon Strike Cruiser x2 Atmo Capable
+ TAC Ragnarok Dreadnaught Atmo Capable
+ 13 new Mining ships- Mining Ore
+ 4 MegaAuger ships- Mining Ore
+ Experimental Warp drive ship of sorts

Under Construction:
- Moar civilian defences

On Rental:
From GEO Corp:

Earth Crusher heavy-duty prototype harvesting "unit"- Left for GEO Corp Headquarters.
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TAC Packing
May 20, 2017
Recon & Local Area Discoveries
Pillars Biome
Home base grounds
Bandit Outpost
"We built our walls around them by accident"
Plumbite mines

Nearby Salt Flats
Medium Factory at work here
Vital source of Carbite at the moment
Some Bandits have migrated here

Local Grasslands
Being explored...
Source of infinite trees
Found 1 [Giant Lemon]
Found 2 [Devil Horns]
Found 5 [EXP Small Tow Hooks]
Found 1 [EXP Small Tow Ring]
Found 1 [Bunny Ears]
Found 3 [Repulser Cannons?]
Raider Outpost spotted, and they have attempted to attack one of our scouts!

Remote Mountains
Found Geysers- Power Plants powering the TAC HQ
Found Rodite Seams!- Mining...
Found a tower monument! There seems to be alien writing on the walls, maybe it might lead to something?

Daring Desert
Rumors of one nearby, but no one dares to enter it...
Legends speak of the one and only legendary Turreted Big Bertha that is like no other, with the god-like ability to unlock unlimited aiming range capabilities that makes even the biggest juicers weep. This weapon has been guarded by the presence of it's own AI for centuries, and no one dares to enter it's vision without fear of being one-shotted to death.

Oceanic-ish Ice Biome
Medium Harbor
Exploration underway...
"Pillar Rock formations"
Flame Pirates!
"Yarr! There are only enough room for us in this sea mate!"

+ Strange orange crystal- Researched
+ Odd blue crystal- Researched
+ The "Key to AI"- Researched
+ Searching...
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