Suzie Vroom not blasting off after Venture licence mission

May 13, 2017
This is a bit of a weird bug, i was doing the mission for the venture licence and upon completion of the race track an enemy tech was following my nimble but unarmed airplane as Suzie Vroom was congratulating me for beating the race , so like any smart person i ran away like a coward until they despawned and then came to pick up my box (which still hadn't landed). A short while later i noticed that Suzie Vroom was still on the ground, when she should've flied away the second i got my license, so yeah, it seems that the trigger for the boosters and despawning is skipped if you leave the area after completing the mission.
I tried getting sorta far away and re-loading my save but Suzie stayed behind, contemplating their very own existence next to the race track.

Far from game breaking, this bug doesn't really bother me, but considering that it could also affect other NPCs (If their flying sequence is the same) it could prove annoying, seeing as they're practically glorified unbreakable objects with a collision box, that like to turn on their rotating anchors randomly. Staring at you, menacingly...

Captura de pantalla 2020-09-03 00.00.35.png
My humble tech confronting Suzie about the accident, to no avail. Has she got no place to go? No important stuff to do? This could pose a threat to her job working at venture you know! Serious stuff!


A Tree
Feb 12, 2020
Ironically this happened to me with Sargent Smash. Dude's just kinda chillin by a trade station now.
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