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Jul 24, 2021
General additions:
- Crafting for multiplayer (not a new request)
- Dedicated Server (Host tether is very unfriendly in a multiplayer environment)
- Host your singleplayer savegame as a multiplayer game
- Rename profiles / share savegames across profiles
- Richer Resource Nodes and/or Resource deposits you can farm for a great amount of resources
- Define a grace period for new players when they join a multiplayer game. if a player is within the grace period and they get kicked, no parts will be available for the people in the game.
- Add the ability to report a game from the multiplayer menu to flag that game as "toxic", for instance when you get repeat kicked because someone is farming you when you join for parts.

Campaign mode - Difficulty settings
Besiege / Base defense mode - Active waves on your location, inspiration from Tower defense / Team defense maps in other games
Explorer mode, no shops or quests, just traverse the world and see what you get from what you pick up - loot boxes and event based rewards as you explore.
Difficulty settings for ALL MODES

Gamemode settings:
- Difficulty settings for ALL MODES
- The option to adjust armor toughness for players and NPC separatly
- The option to adjust HP modifiers for players and NPC separatly
- The option to adjust damage Modifiers for players and NPC separatly
- The option to adjust NPC spawn amount multiplier, e.g. if you set it to 6 will yield 6x NPC count when an NPC spawns. they can be either grouped as a team VS you or a free for all slaughterfest (random)

- Public game name
- Public game password
- Dedicated Servers:
Official servers with a decent player count 4/8/16/24
Private servers with a custom player count X (if we want to kill our server, allow us to decide)

Main Base block:

Main base block -> Unlocks:
- Research window
- Refinery block
- Manufacturing block
- Resource store block - ability to buy base resources for BB
- Deep drill block, go deep and harvest certain blocks from the core of the planet

Main base block -> Triggers:
- Incident point at base location, activates traders and other NPC activity around your area.
- Enemy base blocks in the outskirts which will over time approach and attack your base block, you get rewards and experience / loot for eradicating enemy bases.
- Expands the Playpen area of effect with a slider / chunk size from the main base block,
if placed in multiplayer allows for each player to Expand the playpen to an extent by having each of their respective base blocks placed down. Host decides the max allowed in settings either by limiting the base block count or the size expansion.
- Regeneration of base resources around the base location
- Unlocks the ability to set up deep drilling block
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