Suggestions from a new player.


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Nov 10, 2020
hello everyone,

I've recently bought Terratech off the PlayStation Store. Played through all the missions available to me and got all the corporations to max level. I enjoyed this game very much, but with that being said I have a few suggestions that I feel would improve the player experience.

1. Input

On the PlayStation version the R3 and L3 buttons are not utilized. Adding this 4th axis set will give players more control of their creations

2. Interface

On the tech options wheel the block actions tab should lead to another wheel where you can access all the block menus currently in use. Such as the pitch trim gyro, block controller switch, hover power controller, pacemaker, and filter*.
Here is a rough example.
A. Open the tech options wheel and select the block actions tab.
B. Opens to a second wheel with all the blocks currently on your tech.
C. Acess the menu without having to click on the actual block.
With this change you can hide these blocks inside of your tech and still have access to them.

* the filter should get an extra option to set up groups of filters allowing multiple filters to be changed without having to do it one at a time.

3. A.I. behavior

I find it odd that the smallest builds will charge straight at the player during mid and end game play. I think that the A.I. should flee/avoid combat when your using a build that is X amount of world points over its own. I feel that adding the simple instinct of self-preservation will give more "life" to the A.I.

4. Difficulty

I would like an option to increase difficulty (increase hard enemie spawn rate) in campaign mode. While playing through the campaign I rarely encountered any challenging enemies. This made the game, well, easy.. too easy. Adding difficulty settings will improve early to mid game play for those players looking for a challenge. This will also add to the games replay value.

5. Game play

I would like to see random encounters added to the game. While wondering around the player could come across enemy bases, gangs, non-hostile techs needing assistance (in need of a wheel/wing/hover etc.), and traveling merchants selling parts you may not have access to yet (Markups/discounts based on accessibility). i think this would give players more reason to explore and give the game greater longevity.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Let me know what you think about my ideas. All opinions welcome. Constructive criticism appreciated.