Suggestion: tech docks.


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Jun 16, 2020
Ever start building a multi tech or carrier tech and realize how much of a pain it is to use explosive parts just to link things together for launch how it makes carrier techs one offs and prevents player docking to a tech do to the physics problems that come with it?

Well I Have a suggestion, tech docks, these a come in three sizes 1x1 2x2 and 3x3 having a clasp and a rack. These would allow a tech to be docked to another tech and with a key push released or retrieved.

These would be best as a BF item and the idea came from the tie fighter docks in star wars.

The idea is simple these would act similar to those multi tech parts you see in RR. not truly connecting the two techs together but linking their physics model so that teh smaller one counts as a part of the larger one, unlike other parts the smaller one is locked into location preventing any independent movement until the tech is unlocked from its rack.

IF a tech is to big to lock to a rack it will give the same sound as failing to anchor. While locked in a rack techs will acount as anchored while their main tech is anchored allowing for you do do things like having a large charging base with a heli pad that you can anchor your copter to for a rapid charge.