Suggestion: resource silo's


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Jun 16, 2020
Resource silo's would be a block that stores resource chunks for production use, these blocks have a conveyer entry point and exit point. By default they will store an amount of any resource though you can manually place a single chunk to make the silo only hold those, the top cap of the silo would change color depending on the chunk type it is set to hold, and they would have a bar on them similar to autominers that shows when it is full.

+can hold chunks at any speed
+can carry a lot of resources
+can deposit chunks to conveyor.
-weight a lot making flgiht with them near impossible out side of anti grav
-are large with the smallest one the GSO one having a 3x3 base and being 5 blocks tall.
-can not directly insert resources, which gives the open air ones an advantage.
-explode when destroyed, destroying all resources inside of them. (a huge downside compared to the normal open air ones.)
-Loose their resources when stored via SCU.

Specific Silo's

GSO Silo
looks: see above image
holds: 500 resource chunks
HP: low
explosive force: low
weight: heavy

GEO silo
looks: a large industrial tank
holds: 1,000 resource chunks
HP: medium
size: 4x4 anchored base, six tall
Explosive force: high
weight: super heavy

HE silo
looks: a military shipping crate
holds: 400 resource chunks per silo (you can stack them.)
HP: high
size: 3x6 base three tall
explosive force: low
bonus: when stacked the silo's can pull from each other. This is vertical or horizontal stack.
weight: moderate (the only one that can be easily transported by flight.)
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