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  1. Zed

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    Greetings one and All. (Of Special Mention @zanzistar @kae @Sdarks )

    At the time of this Writing approximately 10 weeks remain of "Summer 2018" within which time TerraTech 1.0 is released. As Such, I am bundling together a couple of my threads into a short "punchlist" of items that will hopefully be incorporated prior to 1.0 release:

    1) As mentioned here and here It is hoped that some "minor" adjustments to keyboard controls will be implemented. Most Notably @Chrii_the_Vieh (among others) whom have been requesting the decoupling of Thrusters / Turbines from Rocket Boosters for the past 30+ Months

    1a) What is lacking in the aforementioned posts is the need for an Anchor HotKey / Dedicated Controller button. (Would suggest "Z" as the keyboard key for easy reference)

    2) A hawkeye Gyro (Google Results for multiple Threads / My Specific Suggestion )

    As Suggested in many threads and by myself months ago A Hawkeye Gyro simply makes sense and would be a highly-desirable block

    3) A harder Difficulty mode : My specific concept which should be easily implementable would be to re-enable the "bug" from and apply it to all enemies.

    A distant 4th would be to add an additional silo or two from the discussion here as seen fit: Perhaps the GeoCorp 4x4 Silo?
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  2. Khaine

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    5th) Remove auto snapshots, add delete button for snapshots

    6th) Tree growth exclusion area around cabs and AI

    Distant 7th) add filters to resource receivers and other facilities
  3. Lord Zarnox

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    @Anton has shown that there is a 4x4 GeoCorp Silo here, but with a sad note at the end.

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