Suggestion: fitted shield

Jun 16, 2020
Block: a 2x2x2 block from one of the corperations, that when powered creates a powerful shield that coats the build instead of creating a bubble. all parts of the connected build will gain a purple glow that will only appear when the build is hit.

Think the shields from halo. The advantage of this shield is a lower power drain over all as it only triggers when you are hit taking the damage directly to your power supply. As such it is extremely useful on long range flying builds that can't just anchor to recharge.

The down side is it is a form fitting shield meaning missiles drain more power then if they hit a bubble shield. This also means missile based sam sights are still a huge threat to air techs.

This is meant in concept to be a highly effecent shield energy wise, only draining power when hit instead of passively draining power over time like standard shields. But that is a double edge in concept as well high explosives are more effective against it.