Suggestion - Extractor Block, Collider filter and RenderBatch

Blurred Dev

Feb 21, 2020
My feedback and suggestions after few month of playing.

Extractor block:
A block that have a filter with block allow to extract some block from player inventory and put it in to world.
Usability: Too many blocks in inventory are unused in late-game, Its good to have ability to recycle them in to usefull resources. (Is exist a block to disassembly other blocks but I can't automate it)

Collider filter:
While constructing the Harvester craft, is exist a good BUG but it usefull, anyway I can stack resource collectors (for example Skotty GeoCorp) on each other and they all
will works fine, but it cause massive physics lag between stacked resources and resources and collectors.
Solution: Add a Collision Filter to ignore collision between resource blocks and collectors and between resources and resources only while they tracked by collector.

Have massive FPS drop while building a HUGE storage and factory because to many Resource blocks rendered at once.
Solution: Create a render batch to decrease GPU bite.

Resource Shield: As a bonus (bug or feature?) All players have possibility to use resources as IMMORTAL shield. (just surround your machine with collectors).
For all who think is a time for me to switch the hardware:
gpu - 1070ti
ram - 16gb ddr4
cpu - i7 7740x
p.s. I know that my propositions not to easy to implement in a project on This state, and could trigger a pain. (i know what you feel bro.jpg)
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