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Jan 5, 2018
Now I'm going to be honest with you, I've been sitting on this idea for quite some time now. The reason why is because the problem is something that has been around forever, and it's a problem for all players

The problem: Autominers

These finicky things will mine the seams of all 1000 of their resource chunks. The trick is placing them so all 4 of their inconveniently located anchors (not to mention their lack of attachment points) are precisely on the seam, then it will give you all 1000 resource chunks in a blazing fast 2 hours and 5 minutes ((1000 chunks / 4 autominers) / 2 chunks per minute = number of minutes = 125 = 2 hours and 5 minutes). Not only does it take forever to place the autominers but it also takes (in my personal opinion) an insanely long time.

If you want to drain the life out of someone tell them to auto-mine multiple seams of different materials all across the map. I found myself doing this yesterday, while trying to gather resources to craft an important upgrade to one of my techs. I came back to my ignite seam and decided that 2 autominers was not going to cut it, especially since I earlier had 3 going for about half a second before I erroneously used build beam and messed it up. I also decided that I had dealt enough with that stuff already and this time I would record myself trying to get it on the seam because I was curious how long it took for me to get them into place.

What I got was this gem:

I'm sure that this is far too relatable for everyone. But here's the real kicker, not only did it take 5 minutes for me to place those autominers, but the reward for doing so is waiting an additional 2 hours and 47 minutes to collect all the resource chunks because I was only able to get 3 auto-miners working. Sure, doing this once isn't a problem, but it gets really repetative, laggy, and annoying if you are doing it on a large scale. Besides crafting not being in co-op campaign, auto-mining is the part I dislike the most about TerraTech.

So with the problem out of the way let me introduce the solution:

GeoCorp Strip-Miner

GeoCorp has always been the big bulk harvesting corperation, so if anyone were to get a new autominer that greatly enhances our experience it should be them.

The GeoCorp Strip-Miner is basically a giant auto-miner, I imagine it would be the size of a hawkeye scrapper or GeoCorp fabricator. Bottom line is it needs a big anchor for hills and it needs to be large enough to prevent another autominer from being able to access the seam it is mining. The reason why? Instead of pulling one resource chunk from a resource seam every 30 seconds like the GSO auto-miners, the GeoCorp strip miner will pull 4 chunks every second. Now you might be asking yourself; "How long would that take to mine a seam completely?" Well I did the calculations using the same formula earlier and found that it would take approximately 4 minutes and 10 seconds. Now that to me sounds a lot more reasonable. It's funny, if this thing existed I could have placed it and fully extracted the seam in the time it took for me to place the 3 auto-miners in that video. The GeoCorp Strip Miner should also be a lot more expensive than the standard GSO auto-miner because you get what you pay for. Other than that there's really not that much to it.

Here's an example of what size it would be (using existing blocks):
Now for the downsides:

- If you don't have a good manufacturing system going before starting it it will get out of hand really quickly, chunks will pop out and go all over the place (and it would get pretty laggy if you have 5 going at once with no way to collect them).
- It is expensive, making it difficult to get a lot of them and really risky to leave unguarded.
- It's big making it an easy target, and making it impossible to put other auto-miners on the location.

That's probably good enough because the goal is to drastically improve the player's auto-mining experience.

But another severe downside that should be added ONLY if the above downsides are not enough:
- You must be playing as the autominer (have a cab attached and be switched to it) for it to work, this also means you could only operate one at a time.

While you're at it you might as well buff the GSO autominers while your at it, 1 chunk every 5 seconds for them would be reasonable (about 20 minutes to fully extract a seam with 4 autominers) or give autominers the ability to use pacemakers.

Well, that's all and I hope you enjoyed reading about my idea.

Epic afdc

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Mar 8, 2016
Even though I hardly ever use crafting, I think this’ll help the more crafty people out there
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May 30, 2018
Better auto-miners and/or buffs to the existing ones would be much appreciated. They’re so much of a pain I try to ignore them as much as possible, instead relying on scrapping for resources and components. Unfortunately early game relies heavily on them for making the big BB’s.

I do wonder if 4 chunks per second is a bit fast as I could see unprepared folks accidentally flooding an area with resources and lagging their systems.
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Jun 29, 2017
it would take approximately 4 minutes and 10 seconds.
Two and a half years back (in TT 0.7.5) that used to be about how long it took to exhaust a steam, because there were only about 30 chunks given in total. It was an awkward amount of time - too short to be worth leaving it and coming back, let alone setting up a base in the area, but long enough to be pretty boring. Bad game flow.

Of course, you had to keep doing it ad-nauseam to get a decent amount of resources, too. So it was very sensible when the devs soon changed it massively to give the 1000 chunk yield we currently see. But at that point you could intersect anchored blocks and whack 50+ auto-miners on one seam. So players in the know just did that, to see resources pour out of the ground. But still that 5-10 minutes hanging about twiddling thumbs was kinda awkward. (And dumb, when you could instead set up the miners across a range of seams and get a lot more out for the same amount of setup time.)

I think it's much more interesting now, that it takes a couple hours (or 8). It makes it worth while picking a spot to settle down. Nothing else in the game gives you any fundamental reason to pick one spot over another - spawns are identical everywhere and missions too, pretty much.

I don't think the devs intended for 4 miners to be put on the same resource seam. It's just a bonus trick that you can, a lot of the time. And that's why I made a video about it, because it's not obvious, and it's somewhat of an exploit. You were never going to get all 4 miners on that ignite spot (in the video) - it's just not mechanically possible to have all the anchors connect with the ground on such a sharp slope. Often the way for ignite, or it has been for me - the hardest resource to mine. Which is fine, you can just mine more Erudite/Celestite and buy the ignite, if desperate (or find a better ignite patch).

If anything, I'd like to see a GeoCorp miner that mines for *longer*. Longer, but you get more out of a seam, like +50%. If one of them ran at the same rate as a cluster of 4 GSO auto-miners that would still be a big improvement in usability, as you'd be able to quickly set up a maximally efficient mining operation with a single, reliable anchored block placement.

Maybe Hawkeye would then have a miner that runs a little faster, say +50% to +100%. But only extracts half the potential resources (compared to GSO). Call it a "Pump and dump" miner, or something to do with fracking or something with more negative connotations. Forced extraction, at a cost.

Venture has no miner - too boring and slow for them. Better Future has one that functions a lot like their air anchor, in that it can output the resources a good distance away from where the anchor is grounded (e.g. up in a sky base). But it runs slower than 4 GSO miners, although best efficiency, like +100% more than GSO.

If there's a 'have your cake and eat it' type of auto-miner, then it should go to one of the last corps (yet to be released). E.g. Reticule Research. And be a big, expensive block, maybe even with additional requirements, like power use, or something.

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Apr 28, 2019
Boy, this brings back memories... of pain and suffering I though I have suppressed! Granted, it feels like placing the quad-miners had gotten a lot easier since 1.3, but that won't save us from situations like this.
The bane of my campaign was rodite, because, in the mountain biome, almost all seams are in awkward locations and placing the quad-miner is impossible. I ended up placing auto-miners one-by-one, and even then, the best I could do was 3 per seam. Of course, I only did this in my first campaign run, now I just buy the stuff with my erudite money.
GeoCorp really needs more mining and crafting equipment. After all, that's their profile, right? They don't have anything going for them in the late game anymore. People only use them in the early and mid game, when there's nothing else besides GSO, and even then, it never feels necessary, unless you want something huge. Also, i wish the devs would graduate the platform and ramp blocks from EXP to GeoCorp, so we could build more interesting and functional utility buildings. Again, I think this fit's the GeoCorp MO quite well.