Sudden Game Freezing


New Member
May 22, 2021
I've been playing this game for almost 2 months now and what I'm about to describe has never happened before.

Yesterday I began noticing periodic sudden pauses in the game - I think they might be what's known as "frame drops". I call them stutters. The action in the game will be progressing and suddenly the game will freeze for one or two seconds and then progress as though nothing had happened. These momentary freezes were easy to ignore because they didn't really impact game play. Like a friend with a really mild stutter, I barely noticed it. I know the game has issues with framerate drops if you force it to work too hard (like if you set up autominers and then walk away from them to leave piles of resources allover the place) but I wasn't doing that.

Today, the game began to freeze solid, for long periods of time sometimes up to 20 seconds frozen solid, sometimes the freezes would last so long Windows would gimme that little prompt asking me if I wanted to wait until the game came to its senses or shut down.

What seems to trigger the problem more often than not is sudden bursts of speed from various afterburners - particularly boost of speed that push my tech to faster than 150mph. This isn't always the trigger, but most of the time it is.

I looked through my computer, minimizing my background processes, shutting down browser windows and programs I wasn't using to take as much burden off my processor as possible but it took me an hour to negotiate the long time trial mission because if I boosted too often the game would freeze, and sometimes straight up crash.

I'm worried this is going to get worse. Does anybody have any ideas what the problem is?