Strong Developing Multiplayer Suggestion; TT is Crackable!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Fernandez TD, May 14, 2018.

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  1. Fernandez TD

    Fernandez TD New Member

    Before I suggest anything, let me show you my point of view.
    - I played Robocraft, and are currently supporting the game
    - (To be honest) I Downloaded TerraTech v0.7.8.3 Cracked Version
    - I am interested with TerraTech (I want to support the game) and see that it cannot be compared with Robocraft, both are a different type of game.

    Back to the topic, I see that TerraTech have quite a small total review in steam (means it approximately have same amount of players). When I compare it with Robocraft (Online Multiplayer F2P), TerraTech have a lot lesser player base.

    This is what I thought would be the cause; TT is mainly single-player, meaning it can be enjoyed mostly in its single-player game. But the game is not free, so many people who are interested (whether or not they are) decided it is easier to just download the cracked version than buying the game. In my case, I only spend 262 MB data to own the game, it probably cost me less than half US Dollar.

    I am aware that TT is still in early access, but I thought it would be good to start building the player base before TT v1.0 is released. This would allow the game to last longer as there is more community participating in the game and forums.

    I come up to this conclusion;
    -> If Payload studios want TT to have more player base, I suggest you to focus on developing multiplayer feature where it cannot be enjoyed by pirated version of the game. This way, more people will buy the game; more player base, and more income for Payload studios.

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  2. Fernandez TD

    Fernandez TD New Member

    People often value a game based on its review; the rating and the amount.
    TerraTech is a great game, but at first I see this game as inferior due to the amount of review, and due to its similarity to Robocraft (I thought it is a clone, so I hold my-self away from trying TT back then).

    It is usually not the game content that fails to succeed on sale, but rather the management. When I see For Honor, I think it is absolutely worth it to play. But then I see the problem with its community being dead/dying.
    But this is not the case with TerraTech. I am sure it will develop and get a lot better overtime. I just wish it would also focus on multiplayer features, it will be a lot more interesting!
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