Strange Saving Error [8.2]

Discussion in 'Bugs (Stable Only)' started by CheesySpectre, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. CheesySpectre

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    Hello there, I am new to the forums and have never posted, but a saving glitch is ruining the game for me, and I am in desparate need of assistance, and this forum seems to be the most promising option. I reported the bug, but I fear that in my haste I misworded my problems, and also have made new discoveries about this terrible issue. I love TerraTech, but this glitch makes anything I do in the game meaningless. Be aware, I am using the Stable 8.2 Public build of the game, and the glitch began after updating it, and I hadn't played in months before updating and playing again.


    The game will not save when attempting to save manually, and autosaving is seemingly nonexistant. On only one occasion did it save, and it never happened again on repeated attempts. I've deleted and reinstalled the game and have attempted using new accounts but nothing is fixing the problem. There's no way to recreate the glitch as it simply happened at random and won't stop. If anyone has any idea of how to solve this, input would be greatly appreciated. I'm sorry if this breaks any guidelines, please notify me so I can fix any mistakes.
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    It might be helpful if you could upload your Output_log.txt file after a (short) game session where you try to save and it fails. See section 9 of my reporting guide for file directories.
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  3. CheesySpectre

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    Sorry for a late reply, but it seems to have fixed itself and I have no idea how. It just eventually fixed itself, which I find amazing. I have now idea how, but atleast it works. Thank you for the tip, I'll be sure to remember it for the next time I find myself with a glitch of this magnitude again, if it even happens again. Thank you.

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