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Dec 12, 2018
In heck
Here, have some stuff i piled up from other threads from me.
GSO Dumbfire missile: Pretty much a GSO 2 block without the stripe and a hole on the end which fires early game weak rockets. Slightly gravity effected.
GSO Seeking missile pod & GSO Super missile pod: A 2-long tube with attach points and a little rocket sticking out. Fires weak homing missiles slowly. Super pod is faster, stronger, and looks more like the Dumbfire pod.
Hawkeye mini silo: A missile silo that only fires upwards. When the missile is far enough up, it locks on to the nearest enemy and homes in on it. Slow.
Better future energy brake: When activated, stops tech from moving like when in build beam. when a key for movement is pressed, the tech continues moving. All thrust is retained, for example LME's will still go on maximum thrust when exited.
Better future docking beam: works with multi techs, its holds a small enough tech in its beam, keeping it from moving away and such.
EXP Ballista: Literally a medieval ballista which fires piercing bolts which explode while in a tech. They attempt to burrow in and damage the juicy batteries.
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