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  1. saiwun


    Hi TT Translators

    You should have access to the TerraTech localisation document and to the language sheet that you're adding translations to.

    Here are the steps to follow for adding your translations:
    1. Add your translated text to Column G. (Column H for Simplified Chinese)
    2. Add "Translated by xxxxx" in Column I. (Column J for Simplified Chinese)
    3. Update the translation status in Column F to "Translated").
    4. Refer to the DICTIONARY sheet for commonly used terminology to keep translations consistent.
    5. Add any questions in Column I. (Column J for Simplified Chinese)
    • The game text for all languages is frequently imported into the game for the next TT Unstable build.
    • The latest translations may not appear in a new stable update as the cut-off point for new data going in is a few days before the stable update is released.
    • When choosing what to translate, play the latest version of TerraTech in your native language and look out for text that you see often that still appears in English.
    Google Translate placeholder text:
    • Some languages use Google Translate for placeholder translations (you'll see " (GT)" at the end of text in-game where this is present).
    • If the Google Translation is considered fine or almost fine, then you can use the text as is and edit it where necessary by doing the following:
    1. Select the cell and copy.
    2. Right-click the cell and select "Paste special" then "Paste values only."
    3. Edit the text where necessary (including removing the " (GT)" at the end).
    4. Change the status to "Translated."
    Deciding what to translate first
    • The best thing to do is to play TerraTech in your native language and look out for tthe following:
      1. Text that is still in English
      2. Text that has "(GT)" at the end as it's a Google Translate placeholder
    Any questions, feel free to ask.

    Thanks again for the awesome help.

    Sai Wun
    TerraTech Producer
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  2. Moboro

    Moboro Well-Known Member

    I must be idiot, but I don't know what sheet or document are you talking about, sorry.
  3. saiwun


    Sorry Moboro. I haven't shared the document with you yet.
  4. Cusuno

    Cusuno Well-Known Member

    So I can change the status on my own and don't have to wait until a developer does it?
  5. saiwun


    Yes, it's fine for you to change it yourself now. Cheers.
  6. Mr-Vagabond

    Mr-Vagabond Well-Known Member

    I have a question about that, you say to use G,H,I, but actually, this is respectivly the US-english translation, the german translation and the russian translation, I don't have to touch it right ? the only colum that I want to change is the J one ( the french translation ), but if I understant clearly the line code, this is an automatique translation made from the B colum, so can I have som clarification about that ? ( can I direclty change the ligne in the colum J, or simply do like you said upper and erased the G/H/I colum,so you have a copy and I can erased it )
  7. saiwun


    I mean columns G, H, I of the FRENCH sheet for you.
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  8. Mr-Vagabond

    Mr-Vagabond Well-Known Member

    Oh, okay, I didnt see this ( the line in(on ?) the bottom) aha, well thank you.

    At least I cant change the french one ( its l'ocked ) but I can change the korean one ( mystake ?)

    EDIT : Fixed
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  9. Andre Salvador Rainha

    Andre Salvador Rainha Well-Known Member

    For the last week I've been trying to get some more translating done but it seems I've come across a slight problem.
    For some reason the TT_Localasation file keeps trying to refresh every few seconds making it extremely hard to do anything with it. Any info on the issue?

  10. saiwun


    @Andre Salvador Rainha Sorry for the delay in responding. Have just returned from a holiday so will look into it soon.
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  11. WillyGamesYT

    WillyGamesYT Well-Known Member

    (Sorry for the thread necromancy) Hey @saiwun can you give me the localization files you stated above? Since I would like to translate korean as I have picked up that there is a korean column.
  12. saiwun


  13. WillyGamesYT

    WillyGamesYT Well-Known Member

    Are you going to email me or PM through the Forums?
  14. saiwun


    Have just emailed you.
  15. EjderkesenTR

    EjderkesenTR Well-Known Member

    Whats are the colomns? And do we need to download a program to access tp the language file?
  16. EjderkesenTR

    EjderkesenTR Well-Known Member

    And @saiwun please e mail the file to me i want to translate it to turkish (I am RADiat10n in steam) I will send my email to you from steam.
  17. WillyGamesYT

    WillyGamesYT Well-Known Member

    No you do not need a program. It should open directly into Google Spreadsheet.
  18. Cardedon

    Cardedon Member

    Hey. I would love to be a translator. I can translate in italian for you.
    what can i do for be a translator? :)
  19. saiwun


    Hi @Cardedon. Are you a native Italian speaker?
  20. Nathaniel

    Nathaniel Well-Known Member

    I only use GT for accents, I am really bad with accents.

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