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Make it possible to have Multiple TerraTech instance at once again ?

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I was making a Nuterra install for TerraTech 0.7.8 when I got a bad surprise : Now TerraTech will start on the steam instance that's it.
I'm pretty sure it's for the upcoming multiplayer but this also limits modders (myself and @WhitePaw2002 atm) while testing mods : I can't have a fixed version for mods and a Unstable version at the same time !

So I ask if it's possible to get rid of this limitation and to get back to the old system @Jamie @Greg @saiwun
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Apr 14, 2016
Please add a switch -nosteam to disable all steam functionality, for example in case you are in a train without internet but want to play some TT to kill the time. Also being able to run multiple instances would be great for modding multiplayer.
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