Steam Custom Skins


TerraTech Modder Manager
Jul 4, 2018
With the beginning of official mod support, I have decided to create a thread under the Official Mods sub-forum for people to show off any skins they have uploaded to the steam workshop. As with the Custom Skins thread under Unofficial Mods, this thread will be for content only and all discussions should be taken to the steam workshop pages and/or the official TerraTech Discord:

To begin, there are 5 skins currently uploaded from Payload Studios:


Oct 10, 2017
This is kinda random but I have three steam workshop skins and I can’t figure out how to make the from picture anything other than a purple attach point. Can someone tell me how to change this to a picture of the actual skin?
If you look in your LocalMods folder there will be a folder for each of your skin mods containing a mod bundle and an image called preview.png that will be uploaded to Steam when you publish the mod. By default it's a purple Attach Point but you can change it to whatever you want before you publish, just ensure it's named preview.png and is less than 1MB.


nevermind probably overhauling dl
Oct 14, 2017
I dunno
I have noticed on some skins (all of them) When you pull up the reskin selection menu and select a skin, in the little icon that showws the skin colors, it says the name of the skin, like "bubblegunner" or "spectre'. How do I do that??????????
It should be in the tab when you're looking directly at one of the skins in a steam mod