Status effects and lingering AOE


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Jun 21, 2018
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I'm thinking of we could have weapons that applies status effects to enemies or allies and weapons that applies lingering effects to an area, I expect this to be introduce with Reticule Research which match

Here are some example:
A status effect that do minor fire damage per second and lower the fire resistance for a short period.

A status effect that decrease techs movement speed and thrust power and lower their explosion defense for a short period.

A status effect that do minor damage per sec and lower the bullet, explosion, impact and cutting defense for a short period.

Fried Circuit
A status effect that shuts down and do minor damage per sec to all electric blocks.

A status effect that cause all loose blocks in the radius be attract to the tech.

FCS virus
A status effect that cause weapon auto aiming to cease function, thus have to be aimed manually.

A status effect that gives healing, bonus defense and extended health to allies, but deal damage and lower the defense to enemies.

Scorched Earth
A lingering AOE that inflict minor fire damage to any tech that enters the area, last 5 to 10 second.

Signal jamming
A lingering AOE that disable any communication and radar in range, cause by signal jammer

Hyper gravity
A lingering AOE that vastly increase the weight of blocks with in the effect area, also inflict damage per second according to mass.

A lingering AOE that complacently cuts off any gravitational interaction between matters within the area
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