stable bug: pre-anchor cognizance

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    Please pre-anchor cognizance the ability to set an anchor or not. please? you could use a green laser from the satellite that floats us in build mode. so the normal white light with rings is there, but an extra green-beam comes down from above when an anchorable block is able to anchor the rig, without collision-error on the rigs size. aka, when its anchorable. or perhaps simply draw a green ray from whatever anchorable block is able to anchor, to the ground so if were under the rig looking for it, we can find where it'll anchor point to.

    i have been trying to float my rig with B, and then click the ANCHOR button, over and over for 20 min...

    come to think of it, you could color the anchor Button, RED when you cant anchor there, and bright green when its okay to anchor. that would solve it, even though it wouldn't tell the user what part will be anchoring where.. its would be an easy fix at-least though with the red and green anchor button changes.

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    Hi @ThumpieBunnyEve - I've moved this thread from "Bugs" to "Suggestions" because the post appears to be mostly that.

    It is already well known that anchoring mobile techs is often very difficult, or impossible.
    I think you need to make changes to your tech, then. Some techs, with a lot of ground clearance, just aren't meant to anchor without being edited. And those with low ground clearance aren't going to anchor on sloped terrain unless an anchor is out at a corner that highest up the slope.


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