Squads - An Idea


Feb 7, 2017
Apex, NC
The current idea of Squads in TerraTech has been flowing through me head for a bit.

So, the basic idea is this.

Squad leaders, lead a squad.
Squads' colors can be interchangeable, and can be any color. (Consider a hex color palette.)
Techs joined in a squad, follow the squad leaders, and is the lighter shade of that color. Exceptions are for white. Those will be gray.

The proposed menu for this would be the Squad menu, with a blue shield below blocks, and block purchasing when near a trade station.
The player, if owning a Legion, a mix of squads (This can be reference to legions in forums), can switch between squad leaders. You can also add descriptions or titles to your legions.
The maximum amount of squads a player can have will be based on their GSO level (changed from overall level) . If a player has level 1 for their GSO, they can have a maximum of 1 squad. For level 2, they can have 3, level 3 will have 5, level 4 will have 8, and level 5 will have 10. The amount of techs in a squad is also dependent on level, with level 1 being a max of 3, level 2 being 5, level 3 being 10, level 4 being 15, and level 5 being infinite. At the end of GSO's point (where it cannot go further), these limits are removed.

Why I think this is a good idea:
Techs who usually are set in "Idle" just wiggle around, doing nothing, which is bad for defense. Techs who are set in "Defend" will always follow wherever the player goes, which may be bad for some bases. So, with this squad idea, you can create the squad leader being a large turret, with little drones [flying/zooming/shooting] around the squad leader. When an opponent approaches, the little drones attack it, making it a very large force. This can also be wonderful as an example for base/rebel missions, where multiple hostile techs are together attacking the player.

TL;DR: TerraTech's Squad idea would be wonderful for Singleplayer. Since you can team in multiplayer, there would be no use for squads in multiplayer.

{An extra idea for multiplayer would be a "War!" gamemode, the two players would have 10 minutes to craft 3 techs, which would be sent at eachother until the players who bulit the main tower is destroyed. I may make another post on that later.}

Edit: Changed owning a squad to be owning a Legion.
Edit 2: Clarified what owning a Legion would be
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