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Apr 27, 2020
SJ "Steel Storm" Autocannon
Grade 3
Basically a pair of rusted GC Krusher Wheels nailed together horizontally with random fast firing weapons(MGs, lasers, etc) from the other corps(also their own) strapped on and crank to turn the wheels that animates when firing.
When a elevation change is needed, the wheels simply do their turning animation although this is slightly slower than the turn speed of the regular krushers because this is old, battered stuff.
For azimuth, it uses a guide rail on the front to turn the weapon which makes it very slow to turn. but to make up for that it has a slightly wider arc than the HE and Venture Autocannons.
For the shots, they are mixed laser and bullet, with randomized projectile velocity and damage, accuracy is terrible, only slightly better than the oozee although firerate is awesome.
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