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Discussion in 'Techs' started by Legionite, May 25, 2017.

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    A little thread on tech corporations and their thought characteristics by the community:
    Was "Upscaled Tech Concepts Thread" (please move to suggestions)
    (Feel free to post your ideas here on these yet-to-come corporations.)

    To begin off this thread, here is my vision on how I think Space Junkers would look like:
    Space Junkers MK2.png
    This is the Space Junker tech remade from the concept art, but updated to what I think it would be:

    In 6x6x6=1 block (somewhat)

    2x1x1 Battery: cheap, less volatile, but holds the same amount of energy as the GSO battery [4 long cylinders going through the center of a edged frame]

    (yellow scoop part) 2x1x1 Garbage tech "Repulser" arm thing: Shoves techs nearby it away

    2x2x1 Cab: Robust and cheap, but insanely heavy(scrap armor)

    1x2x1 Wheels: High weight tolerance and ridiculous friction, but slow, very slow (unlike the presented tech and very metal-like)

    1x1x1 Integrity Bubble: Doesn't repair blocks, but prevents them from falling off at the intense expense of power [or from becoming unusable, like a flashing red cab]. (not correctly presented bubble- maybe orange?)

    1x1x1 Cannon: Long- ranged, but terrible accuracy and reload time

    1x2x1 Fuel Tank: somewhat less volatile and is cheap, but has less fuel than the Popper fuel tank

    1x1x1 Claw: Grabs on to a single object firmly- could be a tree, block, resource, or tech.

    (idk where the boosters would go? Inside the wheels for turbo boost?)
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  2. Nightblade Greyswandir

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    What should be good sides of Junkers?
  3. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    Probably cheap items that perform less, but do unique. Basically GSO, but:

    Cheaper: Compensates for the slow speed and bad accuracy of a few early weapons.

    Heavier: lots of compacted wood used in the corp's blocks perhaps? This will make them extremely weak against flamethrowers.

    Slower: this may be a terrible detriment to this corp's well being, even against GSO. (Slower than GEO?)

    Armor: Their blocks have a excellent resistance to explosives(being the easy bane to Megatons, missiles, and bombs in general), but not so much flamethrowers. Their armor is made out of a block of compacted wood surrounded by a thin sheet of metal/plumbite to keep the fire from explosions out. Their armor fails extensively to flames and mining lasers, as those melt away things. Slow bullets deal slightly less damage, but bigger and faster bullets deal more damage.

    "Sticky wheels": These slow wheels are strong enough to climb a mountain, but are notoriously slower than the GSO trekker wheels. They also would stick to the terrain quite well. They would be excellent for use with the new rough terrain!

    Weapons: Maybe most of their weapons are explosive related, like mortars, RPGs, and makeshift missiles that only go straight (but accurately)? All would probably have slow reload times and deal better damage than the GSO mortar, but obviously less than the Hawkeye cannons.

    Gimmicks: Like the special "emergency" bubble, multipurpose claw, and the tech pusher, this corp would have some tricks up it's sleeve.

    This corporation just might make full Venture techs viable again.
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  4. Nightblade Greyswandir

    Nightblade Greyswandir Well-Known Member

    So ugly, slow, underpowered, heavy...

    And I can imagine them as Mad Max scavengers, fast, with powerful but (here I agree) poor accuracy weapon. With maybe one slow but powerful set of wheels for mobile bases, with only mobile scrapper in game. So you can play them as mobile base with small swarm of fast AI tech running around waiting for command for attack.
  5. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    With the Mad Max mentioned, I am reminded of Venture: The speedy, mobile part and dune riding specialty.
    Probably why I think of them as this is because it was different from the current norm, and it also makes the space "rednecks" stand in defiance of the big mercenaries with their well-rounded out blocks.

    Reading the lore: “The scrap heap heroes of the off world mining circuit. These are survivalist sci-fi mountain men who are battle hardened and scarred from years of living off the land in the prospectors frontier. They are reactionary guys who are sick of having their hard fought spoils conned from them by the bigger Corps. Their machines are hand made patch works of old salvaged wrecks, covered over with war paint. Space hermits riding mad contraptions.” This makes them sound like a corporation that has learned over years, and on the mountains.

    The new mountains are incredibly hard to climb, even with the smaller Venture wheels. Most of the small wheels currently in the game have a terrible friction slide on steep slopes, so it would be nice to see a dedicated corporation (smaller than GEO) that could tackle this front. The idea was that they could hug the side of a mountain and sit there like a lizard on the wall, attacking from the mountainside just out of reach of the other corp guns.

    They are also explained to have learned over the years of punishment, surviving through terrifying Hawkeye attack skirmishes that crush techs of cheaper caliber with incredible ease (not to mention the dreaded cruise missiles). It only makes sense (to me, at least) that they learned how to endure such explosions, with the emergency tech-hold-together bubble and the explosive-resistant armor with only the planet's most frequent resources.

    Attackers have a hard time reaching them because they usually linger at the mountaintops of steep mountains. They are somewhat vulnerable to air assault, but the only aircraft that can hit things use missiles, and they are incredibly resistant to the missile assaults. (I'm guessing steep mountain side bases?) The very reason for their survival. (A giant GEO tech covered in thrusters probably won't be trying to climb a mountain just to attack a mountainside hut- they specialize in mining more, and Venture would have incredible difficulty challenging the slippery sides of the mountains)

    In case anything manages to get up the mountain, the "tech repulser thingy" would push them off the mountainside and make them lose their grip, letting the hostile crash into the foot of the mountain to ward them away.

    There are limitations to the dense wood armor, and that is the mining melee and flamethrowers that crush/burn it in seconds. Holding up against one of the most hostile (and powerful) forces out there (Hawkeye) that sends attack runs on whole corporations of techs and is into the merciless mercenary business.

    If the Space Junkers didn't hold up to this constant harassment, they would be history. It doesn't seem feasible for such a corporation to exist on Earth with the dominance of the other corporations. All the other corporations don't care about their techs on the off-world being wiped out because they are safe on Earth, producing blocks every day to restock the trading stations every morning.

    Resource runs for this corp on the other hand is a fight for survival.

    Though they could have a fast wheel- but then again they are scavengers, so they might end up using old Venture parts instead.
    Techs that are Space Junkers would probably use a conglomerate of other scavenged corp parts to get around, since their parts might be intended for the currently "unscalable" mountains.

    Both sides of this could co-exist, but too many part redundancies may be established.

    I also agree with your stand point from your perspective, and all of the others in the community that imagine them as the speedy scrappy corp as it probably has been their dreams of building a Mad Max themed tech. It only makes sense (to me) that the popular idea be established for the majority.

    High speed heavy techs sounds like it could unbalance the current system in the game combined with my current setup, so new ideas on this change:

    Space Junkers Corp Change (Mad Max style)[In my perspective]:

    Cheap: Like Usual

    Wheels: Fast and speedy, but with less traction- this allows for easy drifting, but don't spin out!

    Armor: Moderate-weak, less HP than GSO but better than VEN. No particular weaknesses (except explosives)

    Weapons: The mortar, RPGs, unguided missiles again, with the addition of little guns that can accurately track techs from a medium distance, but deal less damage than the weakest weapon in the game (because they aim well when moving).

    Reminds me a lot of Venture though...
    And Hawkeye appears to be still standing at the top of the tech food chain, with it's wings spread out boldly without a counter.
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  6. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    I'm thinking that missions related to this corp would involve trading, somewhat little payoff in BB, and no Delivery crates. The bonus is that the Corp license progresses swiftly in comparison to the other corporations- less BBs and no blocks, but rapid progression and lots of corp exp.
    - Trading mission: Meet "a" at "x,y" to trade "b" for "c"
    a= name of tech
    b= Item to give
    c= Item to receive
  7. streak1

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    I see space junkers being less as a weak corp and more of an unreliable one. The parts are cheaply made, and they do the job pretty well, but they are prone to failure. Decent armor, but weak structure. Pretty good weapons (for better scrapping ability), but they have a chance to backfire and break. Stuff like that.
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  8. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    The backfire and unreliable parts reminds me of Ridicule Research, fits the lore: “Mad professors running wild making crazy weaponry. The vehicles are standard modern day fair, but the weapons mounted on to them are turbocharged and out of this world. These bizarre weapons give little indication of their actual function and they are just as likely to work as to blow their operator to pieces. Evil geniuses who’ve found the keys to the toy box.”
    Highly volatile weaponry. Sounds like fun.;)
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  9. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    On further research, it seems that the TT Devs back then (the older Dev Diaries before the older TT site was taken down) were planning for the Mad Max approach and were inspired by it. @NGreyswandir's approach closely resembles it.
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  10. Nightblade Greyswandir

    Nightblade Greyswandir Well-Known Member

    I like your long explanation a lot. Only problem I see in your vision of space junkers is that they are hiding in mountains, so they do not "look" like active corporation. You make them that they survived Hawkeye, but I see them as corporation that survived the planet, hardened in their hearts and minds. Mad Max style is just easy way to explain how everybody expect them to look like. I do not know what special idea devs have for them, as they have to be able to do something better than rest of corps and to have some blocks that we will use as favorites on our mixed tech.
    I like your story very much but I was thinking more in line of TT logic, not letting myself to imagine whole way of life for them :) but you did it so good that maybe TT can adopt some of your story.
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  11. Lets see...

    • Not made to kill but made to stop/slow.
      • A nail gun which "flattens tires"
      • Some slime that slows when driven through
    • Stun
      • The enemy vehicle is stunned for X seconds and cant drive/shoot
    • affect enemy weapons
      • Less dmg
      • Less accuracy
    • Have less HP
    • Can absorb more splash damage (the spalsh dmg wont get through to the second block layer)
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  12. Nightblade Greyswandir

    Nightblade Greyswandir Well-Known Member

    How than they destroy enemy to scrap his blocks?
  13. harpo99999

    harpo99999 ah kick till it starts

    from what I remember, they were supposed to be able to grab blocks off the attacked tech(s) or just kill the cabs without destroying the other blocks(suspect this will not happen, but hope for the grab blocks)
  14. Benbacon

    Benbacon Founder Of Bacon, Inc

    The stun is to OP. You can just have a million stuns and the other tech won't be able to do anything. Maybe it only stuns the weapon or mobile block it hits. If it hits a CAB, then it should stun the entire vehicle, and only for one second.

    I'm assuming the nail gun will aim at the tires. Does it have to hit the tire in a certain part?If it hits the tires, would the tire be able to reinflate? Does it affect or target metal tires?

    The slime sounds like a bad idea, unless you can't be affected by it and it goes away after one minute. I'm thinking the effect would last 15sec
  15. Legionite

    Legionite Airborne AI Assembler

    I realized they can both co-exist! I noticed I have only mentioned the armor, a specific wheel, and base design. I have come up with a combined idea for this corp:

    New and Improved Space Junkers (from my perspective) [mixed with the community]:
    Stationary Bases: (Defense)
    Placement: on the sides of steep mountains with a new type of anchor that can mount on the side of terrain. Caves would also be a spot for bases.

    Armoring: They have all of the really heavy cheap compacted wood armor as the main layer of non-shield defense, and are resistant to the explosives (not too good though). They come in a easy to use layout and have attachment points on every possible surface.

    They also have large flat panels of multiple dimensions for driving on, or making makeshift walls to keep the other corps out[not as strong as the compacted wood armor though].

    Mining Wheels: Techs that traverse the mountains would have the special slow and sticky wheels "Mountain Climber Wheels"(only one kind of these wheels though) to gain access to the mountain bases. They roam the high places in the mountains that other corporations aren't normally able to reach. These could even climb up monuments.

    Defense: The Emergency Maintenance Bubble would hold the base together during a heavy cruise missile assault, at a large cost to energy on each block save[1/2th a GSO Battery for each area save?]. It is super effective vs the slow weapons as the period between slow attacks allows it to recharge. This means that the GSO starter weapon(ZK-47) could be very effective against it while the powerful cruise missiles would struggle with the assault. The flamethrower would overpower this bubble hard. Hawkeye would deal with this problem by using their Mini-gun as a offensive counter.

    "Tech repulser thingy": Could work for offense as well as defense. This thing extends outwards like the GEO Scoops, but this one is much faster and more likely to:
    *Spin-out a tech traveling alongside it
    *Act as a weaker Venture Hydraulic Ram
    *Send a tiny tech comically flying through the air

    Mobile Techs: (Offense)
    They do have Mad Max style parts for the mobile part of the corp!

    Normal Wheels: They go fast with some slide. Not as grippy as Venture, but can take more hits. The less grip means they can't scale hills or mountains as effectively, but the Mountain Climber Wheels compensate for this. The wheel changes would fix the doughnut issue, but these vehicles will not be able to turn even close to how well Venture handles the terrain. (Be warned, as less grippy wheels have a tendency to "drift" away from the original resting spot)

    This makes sense in the end, since all of the other corporations are using off-road wheels, while this corp uses old outdated parts- most of which are the Earth road wheels. This could also mean that they work the best on the grasslands and on other techs.

    Normal Blocks: Slightly heavier than GSO, but can take more hits. The mass trade-off is less intense than the gain[more hitpoints], so the counteract this, the blocks come in weird shapes, like Ls, Cs, Xs, Ts, and cylinders. They have attachment points that fail to cover whole surfaces as well, requiring the builder to be crafty in design. The weird block designs make it unsuitable for practical bases.

    Weapons: The Mortars, RPGs, and Unguided Missiles- they all are fast projectiles, but not with good accuracy.(this lets the miss-aim have a chance of shooting down techs that the current tracking won't track right) Most of them would have a decent reload time and long tracking range. They deal significant explosive damage to compensate for the bad aim. They have significant explosive radiuses, but it has minimal tech launching power. For AA's sake, the corporation would have an Anti-Air weapon[like a flak cannon] for airborne threats.

    Claws: Grabs enemy Techs to hold them in place (by your tech, that is).

    Cabs: Durable, but slightly heavier than the Tech Blocks.

    Boosters: Unresponsive, but extremely powerful. They have a 1 second activation delay and a 1 second deactivation delay to compensate. Starting up the boosters also take a significant amount of fuel, so feathering the boosters is not effective at all. They are efficient after starting up though.

    Problems: These mobile techs would have trouble enduring missiles. Maybe add a slight resistance to explosions?

    In the end, they are different from Venture because the noticeable lack of practical-looking techs and biome mobility, but have more health and are about the stationary bases. (They also don't control as well, partly due the the odd builds of the techs and mainly due to the slick wheels)

    This corp also might bring reason to use the currently "underpowered" weapons in combat more frequently.
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