Space Junkers Block Texture Ideas

Geocorp Jumper

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May 24, 2016
When I hear the name “Space Junkers,” I think of people making do with what they’ve got, grabbing blocks in whatever state they’re in and making it work. Weapons and blocks are either old models or put together from the salvage of multiple different weapons.

I feel that Space Junkers have the potential to be the most visually distinct corporation in TT. The idea of aged, rusted techs that look like they’re one bump in the road away from falling apart, of blocks that are rusted beyond recognizability comes to my mind. I think there is a great way to execute that.

Space Junkers blocks (at least a decent number of them) should have two to three texture variations, each differing in the level of rust or corrosion present on the block. When such a block is placed on a tech, RNG selects one of the variations and applies that texture.

Below is a concept of three variations of rust and decay on similar surfaces:3BF0C795-587C-4D1B-9ECC-6E4018118F9B.jpeg38EAE7CB-6001-4B1D-B4D6-BE5B5ABE1CDA.jpeg20C7D899-4816-4A14-B9BB-D621D78A1597.jpeg

While most of TT’s corporations will usually maintain a consistent appearance, by making Space Junkers’ block textures inconsistent, you add huge depth to their character and a distinctive, one-of-a-kind look to each of their techs.
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