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Nov 9, 2021

I made a webservice to replace the picture of a snapshot.

The two images must be in the .PNG format, and in "true color" (= no palette).
The first image must be a valid TerraTech snapshot.
The second image could be anything (as long as it's still a true color png, no jpeg for instance).
They can be of different dimensions.
It will then copy the magic hidden snapshot data from the first image into something that to the human eye looks exactly like the second image.
Thus allowing to change your snapshot thumbnails.

Ah sorry for the double post, my other thread didn't appear, not even when logged in and checking everywhere in watched, profiles my contents, etc.. So I thought I must have forgotten to hit reply and retyped it. And now suddently both shows. Still awaiting approval though. But I don't see how to delete one of them myself. Sorry for the mess!
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