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Mar 15, 2021
For me, weapons in a game are never enough, so I decided to post some ideas on possible weapons (without the faction they belong to though) which, in my opinion, could be nice to see in the game (an opinion that could be shared or not).

Weapon 1
Black-hole gun

Medium-large weapon (4x4x4), it is a technological prodigy. the damage it causes is not very high, and it fires slowly, but what fires is neither a ray nor a bullet, but a miniaturized black hole. The black hole would be activated upon impact with a surface, and would attract for 9 seconds to itself, all types of vehicles and projectiles, inflicting damage over time to vehicles.

Weapon 2
Molotove missile launcher

Compact size (2x1) missile launcher, capable of firing bursts of 2 homing missiles. The missiles are fast enough, but they don't deal much damage with the explosion, but they compensate for this by releasing a flammable substance on the affected blocks, which will deal damage over time to each block involved in the explosion.
The liquid is unable to pass through any shields or armor, but it can seep through exposed blocks, making this weapon lethal against targets without armor or shields.

Weapon 3
Impact launcher
Cannon not too compact in size (2x2x3), fires with an average rate of particular projectiles. The bullets travel at an absurdly high speed, enough to be able to penetrate the thinnest armor, and put a strain on the resistance of the shields. It deals considerable damage on hit, but the recoil is very high, so it is not mountable on light or poorly balanced vehicles.

Weapon 4
Project : death
Considerable size (4x3x7) for considerable power. This weapon is among the most powerful ever made, but with powerful restrictions. The weapon uses a magnetic track that accelerates a solid metal projectile, able to pass through armor and blocks, but is blocked by shields, which are often damaged almost irreparably. The weapon cannot rotate, and requires a long charge time before it can fire. On this weapon there are safety measures that prevent its use if not anchored, and all due to the fact that it is still in the testing phase, and therefore it is unstable, and use in motion could cause serious damage to the vehicle. on which this weapon is mounted.
This weapon is excellent when mounted on defensive turrets, being that it can hit fast-moving targets with extreme precision at great distances. Its ability to penetrate armor makes this weapon lethal for vehicles with batteries that are not well hidden, or with an uncovered cabin.

Weapon 5
It looks far from a weapon, and in part it is. More than a weapon, it is a medium-sized armor (2x2). Inside the armor a system has been installed that makes it overheat on command, thus allowing it to cliff rocks and enemies with which it comes into contact.

Weapon 6
Blast chiller
Not very compact size (2x2x4), this weapon fires a continuous beam that quickly cools the hit vehicle, slowing down movements (if they hit wheels / tracks / rotors / thrusters), and increasing the damage suffered by the hit piece. The weapon is able to rotate.

Thanks for reading. Tell me in the comments what you think.
Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D
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Sep 13, 2020
Some good ideas, one thing to note is almost all of these suggestions would be extremely over-powered.
Each of them are either too much damage or too high rate of fire for the type of weapon.

The blast chiller on the other hand would be fair enough and I have actually recommended a weapon like this before.

The black-hole launcher would be a ridiculous projectile, I think you would be better off making it based off of a magnetic type weapon that pulls in lose parts as well as dealing damage to techs due to strain caused by the magnetic pull.

Overall not bad ideas but you need to consider the effect on gameplay these weapons would have, For example the 'death' is basically a long range plasma cutter that instantly breaks everything, this would break all current balancing in the game as I could just attach a bunch of them to a plane.

For future recommendations think about how the weapon ties in to the current TerraTech, look at something like 'death' that you recommended and you will understand what I mean.
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Mar 15, 2021
For future recommendations think about how the weapon ties in to the current TerraTech, look at something like 'death' that you recommended and you will understand what I mean.
I changed some things to the black hole gun, to the "project: death", and I added a clarification / nerf to the missile molotove, so that they are much more balanced. Thanks for the comment.