Some random Reticule Research block suggestions

Epic afdc

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Mar 8, 2016
Ah Reticule Research. My personal favourite concept. How Reticule Research is currently is...incredibly bare-bones. The current blocks are pretty cool but RR is lacking essential things. So im here to suggest blocks with the signature Reticule Research spin!

Reticule Research repair drone:

now instead of a repair bubble like every other corporation, we have this little 2x2x1 block that deploys a single repair drone. The upsides of this block is that it repairs at an extremely high rate and requires absolutely no power whatsoever! It can also fly off and repair other nearby techs if you right click on it and select the "Repair other techs" option. The downsides of this block is that the drone can only repair a few blocks at a time. The block must be mounted externally on the tech. The drone itself can also get shot down, and when it gets shot down it takes 5 seconds to respawn.

Reticule Research Reflector shield:

This block will be 2x2x1. what the reflector shield does is exactly what it says on the tin. It reflects projectiles back at your enemies! It will be about as big as the Better Future bubbles. But instead of being blue like most shields, it'll be orange! Now the main drawbacks of this shield will be similar idle power consumption to the Hawkeye bubble. And almost double the active power consumption of the Hawkeye bubble!

Reticule Research VOLATILE Battery: now this battery won't be anything special, the main upsides of this battery is its relatively small size (2x2x1) with the most dense per cell power storage capability in the game. The weaknesses of this battery is its fragility and high explosiveness. If it gets destroyed it'll explode like any other battery...only it'll be absolutely catastrophic. Like getting hit with a Hawkeye battleship cannon without shields or repair bubbles.

Reticule Research nuclear reactor:

This is just a large nuclear reactor that generates oodles of power. But is far too heavy and large to be put on a tech that isn't a landship. The block will be 20x20x30. The main positives is that this thing generates a lot of power 24 hours a day 7 days a week as long as it is anchored. The negatives are that this thing weighs more than most reasonably sized techs, its incredibly bulky, it can only function while anchored, and if it gets destroyed it'll cause a catastrophic explosion that would wipe out even the biggest techs. This thing would also cost an arm and a leg, around 5 million BB.

Reticule Research star cannon:

A large weapon that can pretty much fire miniature stars. 10x4x4. It fires a burst of energy that is capable of melting a hole through 12 inch thick steel plating...and the next 5 buildings. The upsides of this weapon is that it's extremely powerful, as in it can obliterate an intimidating Hawkeye tech with just a single shot. the projectile also has a slight homing ability and the projectile is massive. The downsides of this weapon are its slow fire rate (takes about 10 seconds to ready another shot. The projectile is fairly slow. This weapon also takes battery power to run! It'll drain one of the big GC batteries per shot. The weapon is unable to aim on its own. The weapon has a short 5 second charge up before it fires. And any block the projectile touches gets vaporized, so i don't recommend using this when you want to salvage for blocks.

Reticule Research sonic boom:

it functions just like the venture sonic lance. Except with even more power and even more recoil

Reticule Research S.H.O.T.:
S.H.O.T. stands for Sticky heavy-duty Off-road tire. This is an experimental tire with "superstick" technology that they used in the stickybomb launcher and the zero point energy gun. This tire sticks to surfaces extraordinarily well. Because of this the wheel isn't very fast. But it has plenty of torque and the best grip. This tire sticks to the floor no matter what...unless it's detached from a tech. The suspension is also incredibly soft and flexible. This wheel will be 3x2x4.

Reticule Research tesla wheel:

A 2x3x2 wheel that is unique. It isnt fast or powerful...but it has the special feature of acting like a tesla coil! Its range is slightly lower than the regular coil and it zaps significantly faster, but it deals about 1/4th the damage the big coil would. It also uses a lot less power.

Reticule Research Mission generator:

a 2x2x2 computer terminal that gives you RR missions that function like the regular missions with some extra unique missions just for RR. This is awarded after you defeat atom's prototype.
These missions are:
guard a large tech while it transports experimental tech to a destination.

Drive a tech with experimental stuff on it to a destination.

You are given a tech with experimental weaponry on it and you are tasked with destroying 10 or so techs with said tech. You are awarded the tech once the mission completes.