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Epic afdc

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Mar 8, 2016
Ah yes, skins. One of the coolest new features in this game! I come to you with some awesome ideas for skins!
Carbon fiber: this skin just changes the entire venture color scheme black, with carbon fiber texturing. I think this really fits the “lightweight and fast” theme of venture, and it’ll match Hawkeye better.
Black and orange: this skin changes the blue and red colors to orange and the white colors to black, it’ll make venture blocks easier to fit into Hawkeye and alt skin GeoCorp techs. And it’ll just look so cool!
Blue and white: changes the red and blue colors to a dark blue, leaving the white colors alone.

white: this skin changes almost all the colors to white, leaving the black and yellow hazard lines alone. This turns the bumper blocks a shade of dull gray. This’ll make GeoCorp blocks mix really well with better future
Better Future:
shiny and chrome!!: this skin changes all the white bits of better future to a shiny chrome color. great for grooming yourself when you don’t have a mirror!

Angry red: this paints all better future blocks a dark red, great for making your tech look angry!
Snow camo: it’s simply a white camo, great for hiding in snow (warning, the camo doesn’t actually work)

Forest camo: this is simply a green camo, great for hiding in the forests! (It don’t work)
old and green: this changes GSO’s color scheme to a dull, grayish green, like the green found on old military vehicles.
Black and yellow: sting like a bee with this black and yellow livery! This changes the gray colors of the standard gso livery to black, and changes the white to a bright yellow!
Black and red: pretty much the same as the black and yellow skin, but 100x edgier
Black and yellow warning stripes: this colors all EXP blocks with black and yellow warning stripes, to show that they’re experimental!
All Corp skin variations:
Rusty and old: this makes any block from any Corp look rusty and old, like it’s been sitting for a few years. This is compatible with all skins
Muddy: this skin makes all blocks look muddy and dirty, like you’ve been driving through a mud bog. This works on all skins.
Battle scarred: this makes all blocks look like they’ve recently been through a tough fight, this adds huge scratches to the paint, scorch marks and bullet holes. This is of course compatible with all skins.
Lightly dusted: this makes all blocks look dusty, like you’ve been driving through the desert for a while.

Captain Load

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Mar 8, 2016
Reviving this..had some thoughts. I think it would be fantastic if we could apply any skin to any corp. If you're building a GC tech with any kind of ranged weapon and you want everything to match you're out of luck. Love the idea of having a few "generic' skins that any corp can use. More ideas on that: perhaps one could be a patriotic skin representing whatever interplanetary government is present in TT. Another might for the Sumo League, another for the company that created the SCU technology, and so on. Or maybe if your tech was composed of a minimum percentage of a corp's blocks that would enable at least the default corp skin for the whole tech. Heck, tie to corp license level. At level one you need 90% of a tech to be made of corp X's blocks to enable the skin for all other blocks. At level two it drops to 80%, and so on.
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Captain Load

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Mar 8, 2016
How about make it like a color board that we can chose one color for main color and one for secondary
That would work too although you wouldn't have much in the way of a "theme" going unless there was a texture used just for freeform coloration. I'd definitely like to see the whole tech be skinnable at once.
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