Skill Test Map

Part 2?

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Mar 13, 2017
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Helloooo I came up with an idea. If the GSO cab drives on blocks well, then I can build a test course!
So it took me like 30 minutes to do this, and it's not an easy map (maybe). There are 5 courses (5th is the easiest). If your tech is stuck or you accidentaly took something off, then there's an additional tech on every checkpoint (switch to the course and press X to drop a tech). And if your tech is stuck and can't move or can't go to build mode, then put a random block below your tech, it should fix the problem. 2 build mode uses per course, please. Sorry if the instructions aren't clear, but here they are:

(Green wall or platform full of venture blocks means that it's a checkpoint)

(1st course) To get up on it, use build mode, and then the challenge begins.

(2nd course) Nothing special, but the Hawkeye blocks are kinda hard.

(3rd course) You can't drive on silos, you can just slide on them. You need lots of speed for this one.

(4th course) Get up the ramps (be careful) and drop down into a room (try not to fall on edges).

(5th course) Attach Hub Wheels to your tech and drive to the finish.

Congrats, you finished the skill test!



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