since coop exactly like campaign is impossible

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by HyperXNova20, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. HyperXNova20

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    this is obviously most likely in the works to some degree but if it isnt. Just take the campaign and dumb it down alot. just have plenty of xp for enemy ai techs killed and really simple missions like kill 40 of any tech or kill 10 venture techs. very simple things like that
  2. Captain Load

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    I posted almost exactly this on Steam recently. A different campaign, even a greatly simplified one that's just for MP would be preferable to none at all. A lot of triggered events based on team progress would need to be created, similar to how the game decides the size of your spawned enemies. Some of this can be managed by switching the relationship between crafting and'd unlock many new missions by skilling up your crafting (basically the opposite of how it works in SP). Eventually you'd hit the limit of what your current license level allowed and that would trigger "milestone" mission chains that would let you advance to the next level.
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  3. Nightblade Greyswandir

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    MP problem is how to make game handle two players who are out of each others radar/sight area. Dumb-ing down missions is not issue. That is why MP is in limited area. If devs succeed to make multiple players to be able to go each one in different direction and not to have problem with game than missions and crafting are not a problem.
  4. Lord Zarnox

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    One possible way might be to have each player's computer perform the calculations for their nearest group of world tiles (384x384 tiles, I think) when the players are far enough apart, and that way there shouldn't be as many floating point errors. Basically, your computer would only render and calculate the areas it would if you were in singleplayer (to reduce the stress on the host computer), but all of the world tiles from each player are shared in the same world. At the very least, this might be worth looking into as a solution to multiplayer world size limitations.
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  5. Assimalate

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    Or just make it so players can't go too far away and leave it at that
  6. DrShadox

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    In this case the game should act like each players was in single player mode.

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