Simple Data: Weapon Damage


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Jul 28, 2017
Those who remember back when I posted regularly on the site might remember that I have a tendency to collect semi-useful information. One such bit of info was how long it took for each weapon to tear through a shield when powered by a GeoCorp battery. Since my last post, a plethora of weapons - even a whole new company! - have been added to the game, so I decided to brush off my researching goggles and re-evaluate this round of data.

The method I used to collect this data is rather straightforward. Using a small tech, I attached each weapon to it and fired at a simple testing dummy, which had only the battery and shield on it, and recorded the time it took for the shield to be depleted. To ensure accuracy, I ran each weapon through this three times and recorded the average time.

The information for each weapon is posted below. Along with the time, some weapons will have a note as well, detailing some tidbit about how they function. Weapons with a (D) next to the time destroyed the shield (or dummy) before the battery was fully depleted.

If a weapon isn't listed on here, that's because it either bypasses the shield (Melee weapons, Plasma Cutters, and Flamethrowers) or is an Experimental Weapon.

GSO Weapons:
Coil laser: 1:28.94
LMG: 0:40.44
3-Pound Cannon: 0:31.09
Stud Laser: 0:52.12 (Front-mounted weapon)
Mini-Mortar: 0:39.60 (Fires in a high arc, projectiles home in slightly)
Megaton: 0:18.70
Big Bertha: 0:07.72 (D)
Missile Battery: 0:17.9
Gigaton: 0:12.25 (D)

VENTURE Weapons:
Pip Gun: 0:38.04
Hailfire: 0:28.55
Lance Laser 1:27.21
Mortar: 0:49.08 (Fires in an arc, projectiles home in)
Cluster Missile: 0:47.01 (Missiles travel upwards first before homing in on target)
Sonic Lance: N/A (No shield damage, very high knockback and kickback)
Oozee: 0:25.09 (High RoF, Innacurate over longer distances)
Avalanche Launcher: 0:20.49 (Fastest firing missiles)
Needle Laser: 0:51.02
Crossfire: 0:20.17 (Fixed Firing Arc; Manual aiming required to use effectively)
Rapid Cannon: 0:10.15
Dual Autocannon 0:07.05 (Slight Windup, high RoF, Inaccurate over longer distances)

HAWKEYE Weapons:
Machine Gun: 0:18.79
Burst Gun 04:09.26 (Fires in a 5-round burst. Very low damage)
Repeater Rifle: 0:20.05
Railgun 0:50.34
Zeus Laser Cannon: 0:45.74
DFA Mortar: 01:44.35 (Homing Shots, Fires in four different arcs. Highly inaccurate)
Monster Mortar: 1:33.82 (Low RoF)
AutoCannon: 0:06.03 (Slight Windup, high RoF and kickback, Inaccurate over longer distances)
Missile Pod: 0:18.12
Cannon Turret: 0:14.54 (D) (Low RoF)
Cruise Missile 0:36.62 (Missile flies upward before homing on target. Low RoF, Very High damage)
Battleship Cannon: 0:06.09 (D) (Fixed Firing Arc, Low RoF)
Hunter Railgun: 0:59.40

DOT Laser: 0:26.59 (High RoF, High accuracy)
Laser Rifle: 0:20.34
Assault Laser: 0:21.03
Trapdoor Assault Laser: 0:26.69 (Front Mounted? Weapon, Limited Firing Arc)
FS Laser: 0:12.96 (Continuous Beam, Pinpoint accuracy)
Speed Lance Laser: 0:09.93
Gatling Laser: 0:09.36 (Slight Windup, slightly inaccurate)
Disc Laser: 0:06.61 (Continuous Beam)
Class D Laser Ray: 0:15.73 (Windup, low RoF, High Damage)

The more eagle-eyed of you might've noticed that the Shotguns from each company weren't listed in the data. This is because, for whatever reason, the shotguns don't play well with the shields. In my research, I found that shots from these weapons will either bypass the shield entirely and damage the dummy, hit a single time, or not interact at all. The sweet spot where they will interact with the shield is very small; in the R&D test chamber, it takes roughly a quarter of a floor tile to be outside of the weapons' range. I am not sure if this is a bug or not.