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    Recently, I have made a big scrapping base which has many GSO Losta silos. I lined them up to a fabricator to craft some blocks that I need and the silos dont dispatch. I put filters next to the silos to test if they were going to dispatch resources and they did. This gave me the idea that using filter I can easily link them up to component factories... but WRONG! I tried to link them up but they would keep stacking the components even though it was on repeat. I have a conveyor system and filter set to take components only, I dont think its a bug but I would like it if there was a filter option to do "Fabrication materials only" or "Component materials only" so this doesnt happen, thanks!
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    Yeah, the Filters are 'dumb', in that they always blindly do what ever they are set for, ignoring the calls for crafting ingredients.

    You just need to have a direct Conveyor line link directly between the Fabricator and Silos, with enough Component Factories on, and maybe a Refinery (depending).

    Note that Conveyor junctions are also dumb, so resources will only ever take the default route on a split.

    Post up a save game, tech snapshot, or couple of screenshots (or video) of your base setup, if you'd like some more advice.:)
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    Thank you! The direct conveyor line works, and my base is only 11 silos taking one of every resource refined and a row of component factories, and fabricators. It's a scrapping base.
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