Should I Suggest a Crafting Overhaul?

Should I suggest a fabrication overhaul?

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Geocorp Jumper

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May 24, 2016
I had some thoughts over the past couple weeks that would improve fabrication in Terratech, which I started compiling together until it became so big as to warrant an overhaul. The devs hands are almost always full, so I'm kinda nervous about posting any of these ideas. That they're good ideas I have no doubt, but I fear that the timing isn't right.

Here's a synopsis for what I've been thinking up:
  • Re-implementing block selling.
  • Unique conveyor blocks for Geocorp and Reticule Research.
  • New rules (and design) for fabricators, component factories, alternators and refineries.
  • Better fabricator and component factory UIs.
My hope is to make fabrication more appealing to players. At this current time, it is easy to default to salvaging and shopping for blocks, and almost entirely ignore fabrication. Heck, I only really fabricate when I need to unlock a specific block. Then I go to the payload terminal and buy as many as I want or need. So anything that might make the system work better would be a huge improvement.

So, what should I do? Should I go ahead and post my ideas for what would be a huge fabrication overhaul, or is it too soon?