Shield transparency setting, random bases, follower orders, weapon groups, map


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Jun 19, 2017
It's been a good while since I played TT, came back to it for another go and I'm really enjoying it again. It made some good development progress, little things that make a big difference. Since I'm back into it now, I have some suggestions I'd like to add:

--Graphic setting for shield/repair bubble effect
Shields and repair bubbles is pretty important for survivability but, they can also obscure the view. Why not add a transparency setting for the bubble effect so that we can adjust the transparency?

--Random bases, trade station defenses
Add some random bases that may spawn on the map. Like usual techs but static bases instead, with a longer despawn range than ordinary techs. This will make bomber-type aircraft more viable, currently bombers is only really useful when doing base attack missions. Some friendly defenses around trade stations would also be great to provide some sanctuary and defense to players, would be especially useful in the early-mid game.

--More orders for follower techs
It would be great if we can set techs to patrol an area, it would either just drive around in a certain radius or the player could specify a patrol path. Ordering a tech to move to and guard a specific location would also be great.

--Add a map
I actually expected a map of sorts by now. Doesn't have to be anything fancy. There were times in the past when I would chart the map by filling squares on a spreadsheet and marking landmarks as I travel around but, this becomes far too tedious. A similar, basic map in the game would be really helpful.

--Weapon groups, manual weapon aiming
Also something I expected by now. Allow us to customise weapon groups that we can switch on and off. An example of when this could be useful is when you want to take out a cab with a single, precision weapon instead of unleashing overkill with all your weapons and destroying most of the blocks you intended to loot. This, along with manual weapon aiming could add a lot more strategy and creativity to the game.