Shield Replacement/Balancing And Flare Block Suggestions-Discussion Thread

Do you think shields are balanced?

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Jan 11, 2021
This is a idea I imagine a lot of people will disagree with, but I will try to explain myself the best I can. I have 2 suggestions for shield balancing and one for the age old missile balance discussion.

Number 1: Damage cooldowns on Shields
So, recently in my campaign playthrough, I have been doing a "challenge" if you will, and its a pretty simple one, trying not to use shields. I was doing this to try and in some way increase the difficulty, as I think shields are kinda too strong and encourage a sloppy building style for new players and let other players get away with builds that really shouldn't work (more on this later), and through my experiences with not using shields, I have had one of my most fun TT campaigns in a while, it ensures that you cant just breeze through fights with non-missiled opponents and keeps the excitement during combat higher then before 9in my experience) without making the game to difficult. It basically means instead of shields, stacking repair bubbles is your best bet, meaning you can still take a lot of damage, but hanging around in concentrated fire or infront of and enemy consistent cannon fire could cost you a couple parts(in my experience the most parts lost in one fight was a HE minigun and Akira Railgun, along with a floodlight). And not having any way to directly block shots meant that armor was really important, and thinking about where to place it was actually impactful for reason other than aesthetics, or the occasional time the shields run out of battery, and i think it added a lot more depth to the building process, therefore, I propose that shields, no matter your battery capacity, have a "cooldown time" after you take a certain amount of damage, meaning players will have to consider using things like armor or considering placing important items in more protected areas. I think the "cooldown time" could be another good variable to add the each shield, making them another thing to take into consideration when picking what shields to use. E.G: The Hawkeye havoc shield may be a great shield for size, but it could have a mediocre "damage tolerance(how much damage it can take before going down)". And maybe a mid to slow damage cooldown speed.(These stats are just suggestions, but I think this extra dynamic could be a cool thing to encourage less purely decorative/fallback armor use and hopefully make mid-late game battles less of a breeze.

TLDR: Shields should only be able to take a certain amount of damage before entering a "cooldown" state regardless of battery power. Damage tolerance and cooldown time would vary between shields.

Number 2: New shield suggestion for Geocorp/Reticule
So, I saw a suggestion on RC-3197's Reticule Research Mega Thread And they suggested a "cloaking device" of sorts, and although I like the concept, I think it would clash with the current gameplay flow and theme of TT, so I am making my own, inspired-by-him suggestion:
I think there should be some kind of pretty high power draw shield that would act like the partial invisibility from the classic doom games, Maybe stopping enemies from using the manual lock on you or maybe their weapons would have a harder time aiming at you, this might encourage more use of the non- Hawkeye cannons, due to their slow turning. I think this should be by default a toggleable item, however I think it would also work otherwise, depending on the power draw it has,(which should be high, I just don't know how high). Anyway, I am debating whether this would work better as a Geocorp shield or a Reticule shield, however I'm pretty sure it should be a 1x2x4 block item in size, that's the same size as the Hawkeye anchors, for those wondering. That or the power draw should increase with blocks covered like the anti grav.

TLDR: A shield that when active, makes it harder for enemies to hit you. Geo/Reticule.

Number 3:Flare Block for Distracting Missiles (Looking for Community Suggestions on This One)
So, I've been thinking that a flare item would be a cool counter to the power of missiles in TT, now I'm really unsure about how this should work or what the stats should be so if you have any idea on how this should function, please, reply to this thread with them, id be really interested to hear. I was thinking about this for a while and the only idea I had was it would use fuel to fire. But anyway, this is the one I'm least sure about, so feel free to share your ideas in the replies.

TLDR: Flare item, not sure about the stats, leave ideas in the replies.

Thanks for listening, ill try to read any comments as I would be interested to see the community's views on this so yeah, have a nice day:)
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Jan 3, 2015
Maybe it could be fun, but if there is one thing I learned from playing games since the 90’s, it's that nerfs are very rarely the answer to issues. It would dumb down the current meta and turn many existing builds into garbage, while often creating another meta somewhere else.
On advanced builds like the naval challenge winner (Terra Bull), the shield does get pretty OP as even going melee doesn't seem to be able to get through before the melee weapons get blown to bits by the AoE barrage.
But in a sense, that is what shields are meant to do, and having them set up that way comes with many sacrifices in cost, weight, and mass. Of course, hoverbug can bypass some of those balancing acts completely, but that's another issue entirely...
Having enough batteries on a tech to keep shields up in battle, and keeping them protected is not an easy task, and a lot of players seem to have problems building effective techs even in the current state.
One could even say shields are underpowered because for some reason, AoE damage bleeds right through them while stopping bullets no problem. It is also an issue that explosions don't get blocked by blocks and affect other blocks underneath. This severely weakens the concept of shieldless defence. I guess they can't add that feature/extra damage calculations into the game with the poor optimization, let alone the Switch viability.

If we are talking flare countermeasures, I think I've seen a few suggestions pop up over the years. I've actually mentioned it a few times in my suggestions, but no response, so... I think it's safe to say it's not happening. Would be cool to shake up the missile meta a little, though. They make it pretty hard for small, nimble techs to be affective using guerrilla tactics.


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Dec 9, 2018
nerfing is never the thing to do for any game
its almost never the anwer but sadly there are so many games that have been nerfed in to oblivion im just hoping this one dosent become on of them