shield/repair bubble coverage checker


Jul 31, 2017
I think it would be cool to have a block in the game that you can use to toggle a scanner like system where if a block is not affected or protected by a bubble it would light change its color to like blue or something. to expand on this idea you can have upgrades for it similar to the component factory upgrades, maybe one for shields and one for repair bubbles. maybe the shield will be blue and repair to be green. but the downside would probably be that the player will just stick it to the top and store it into the SCU once their done with it, basically they wouldn't really incorporate it into the tech, i know i would. it would be nice though.
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Captain Load

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Mar 8, 2016
I'm starting to think what we really need is a "telemetry block" that combines what you describe along with plugins for battery level, power generation, altitude, speed, weight and/or total number of block spaces used by tech and any other meters the devs can think of. You could attach the plugin to the T-block and and it would be automatically integrated into it. It might even hold a limited number of plugins so if you wanted all the gauges you'd need two T-blocks. This would be better than those single-purpose gauges by far.


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May 20, 2017
(I am thinking a key to press to show blocks affected would be fine)

A good way to find out the way each block is healed for now:
The middlemost part of the block's total area is usually where blocks are able to be healed.
The GSO Megaton has the healing point in the middle of it, the spot where all 8 "occupation cubes" have their corners touching.
The HK Shotgun has this too, as last time I checked, the healing spot was in between the two blocks that it occupies.

Pink Kitty

hold down CTRL, and all the shielded/healed blocks glow blue/green.

Anything missing, doesn't.

And once this is in, the shield effects can be dialled back, and be less obtrusive.