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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by NovaLegion, Jun 22, 2018.


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  1. NovaLegion

    NovaLegion Jamie's best friend

    So, if you guys haven't noticed. The Shields are a little obnoxious to play with, I honestly hate the bubbles mechanic in general. So what I'm going to be suggesting today I think is a great idea. But who knows? I may just be an idiot.

    No more 'bubbles'

    So for this one, I'm suggesting the removal of bubbles, but not without a replacement, of course.

    I think the shields should sort of cover blocks with a small layer above them, or give blocks covered by shields a sort of glow effect. The way to make them differ is change the glow for like hawkeye geo etc. You can also change the radius of blocks the shield will reach, so no more 'half' blocks that the bubbles cover. Full block or BUST.

    No wasted power

    I think the way the shields should work is for every block that gets hit that has a shield, you take a power loss.
    So in order to make this actually work, I suggest that only the TOP layer of blocks have the shield effect. This would reduce lag that may be produced, and make it not take so much power. (I think the way the devs could code this is make a 'if sky is visible' variable, so they can make only the top get the effect)

    Explosion Nerf

    You're probably though of this scenario by now. 'Nova since they're basically on the blocks wouldn't explosion be way to op?'
    I've thought of this too, and I think I have a solution.
    So the conveyors have a block that boosts the speed so things go faster right? What if there was a block that made the shields more explosion resistant? Like say the graphic of the explosion isn't just a ball of fire now, but you can tell the explosion can't enter the shield. Like the fire actually hits a wall per-say.

    Thanks for reading, I think this would be a great addition to the game, if you see any major or minor flaws in my suggestion, Please reply! Also put opinions below, bye!
  2. Khaine

    Khaine Active Member

    So basically you don't like bubbles :D

    But here's the problem: How does the game assess how far your non bubble shield goes when you have a non standard structure? (like those fast travel towers that are all the rage these days)? Does it protect per block unit (1x1) or per block (4 GSO 1x1 blocks vs 4 GC "Big Ones" blocks)? Does it protect in a radius or does it protect in a straight line? You're gonna end up with a shield bubble that's only visually not a bubble.

    Right now you can even repair looted blocks or friendly AI just by sitting next to them with the repair bubble. You'd lose that with your system.

    Top layer shielding would mean that the inner components would be entirely vulnerable to damage, even if they weren't exposed in an obvious manner (TT tends to not be "block connection absolute", just look at the weird places resources will jam themselves into).
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  3. NovaLegion

    NovaLegion Jamie's best friend

    And only shields will change.
    The shield will be a full cover.
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  4. qwe2332

    qwe2332 Well-Known Member

    like the shields of starships in Star Trek, right?
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  5. NovaLegion

    NovaLegion Jamie's best friend

  6. AstraTheDragon

    AstraTheDragon A dapper dragon

    I agree with scrapping the spherical design because funnily enough, most (all) of my techs tend to be (are always) not spherical! I originally imagined planar shields to combat this issue but I can see many great things with this concept. I love the idea of shield power modulation although, of course, stronger shields would have to have greater energy drain. Good stuff!
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  7. Benbacon

    Benbacon Founder Of Bacon, Inc

    Honestly all we need is for the explosion to not bypass the shields and they will be fixed

    There is no need to make a blocky blue layer around an entire tech as it would look uglier
  8. NovaLegion

    NovaLegion Jamie's best friend

    Not like a blocky layer, but make the blocks glow or similar.
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  9. Potato

    Potato Tinkerer of Titäns

    I'm all in for all suggested ideas. I don't like the large cloud-like mass of shields that I always get when I make Techs. Making them look like a thin film surrounding a Tech would look better IMO.

    And as for explosion resistance block, yeah sure, I don't mind. It makes the shield not OP against explosive weapons and will only be accessible during late-game. I can imagine said block being from GeoCorp.
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  10. Nate

    Nate Well-Known Member

    Believe I said more than a year ago that the shield and repair bubbles look terrible. The octagonal? one looks much better. A surface film would probably look even better.
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  11. DoomZone101

    DoomZone101 New Member

    What if the shield and repair bubble turned invisible if not being used. The repair bubble would slowly appear while an object is healing. The shield bubble would only appear around where it was hit. The bubbles would be visible while your placing them and take a few seconds to fade so you can still see the radius while your building. I realize building a tech requires visuals of all shields to show uncovered areas, a solution to all of this is an Item that you place on your teck that allows you to toggle the bubbles invisibility.
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  12. Captain Load

    Captain Load Well-Known Member

    Honestly I'd like to see multiple types of shields (and I may have already suggested this - sorry if so). For example:

    GSO: Standard bubble shields would be essentially unchanged. Higher level anti-explosive shields would be less effective vs bullets and energy weapons but more effective vs shells, missiles and bombs (basically, anything that has explosive splash damage).

    GC: Nano-Shields that are pretty much as OP describes, actually reinforcing the toughness of blocks. A tech using these would not be able to use any other type of shield - attempting to do so would deactivate all shields equipped. The more nano-shields you add the stronger the reinforcement, but it gives diminishing returns (i.e. 30% reinforcement for one, 50% for two, 60% for three, etc). Three would probably be the max you'd want to use and you'd also want repair bubble coverage for serious battles. Reinforcing does not stack with similar effects produced by other block types.

    HE: I think the Havoc is pretty good as is.

    VEN: like so many Venture blocks the current shields are junk - let's not mince words. I'd suggest having them switch to being repair bubbles when not being hit for more than a second or two. Even if this meant making them bigger or more costly it would be an improvement. VEN could still have a small dedicated repair bubble for those small scout techs. Also please add at least one attach point to their shields, repairers and batteries.

    Suggested for Better Future: Advanced interlacing shields that are same diameter as GSO ones but which become stronger the more bubbles you have overlapping. In other words if two BF shield bubbles overlap they would both get tougher, if three do then even stronger than that, and so on. This only applies to groups of BF bubbles that actually touch - multiple overlapping groups boost their strength independently. Power consumption also increases to reflect this effect. BF shields do not interlace with other types of shields.

    Suggested for Space Junkers: Emergency Shield Boosters. These are not actually shields but rather blocks that increase the power of other corporation's bubble shields whenever they take damage. SJ would have a block for each corp except themselves. Equipping a SJ GSO Shield Booster, for example, would increase both the strength and power consumption of all GSO shields on the tech by perhaps 20% when their taking damage. There would not be a booster for the "reinforcing" types such as the proposed GC Nano-Shield. Multiple identical boosters would not stack their effects.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2018 at 10:25 PM
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  13. Lost Ninja

    Lost Ninja Well-Known Member

    I wish the Venture shields would go back to the old style where thy actually repelled other enemy techs. Keep them the size they are now (as opposed to the old larger than GSO size) and have them repel rockets/missiles (without causing them to explode). They'd sort of bounce off at an angle.
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  14. Khaine

    Khaine Active Member

    And then my tech made entirely out of batteries, shields and guns shall come to pass! (Insert evil laughter here)
  15. Komrade

    Komrade New Member

    yah using bubble is way too confusing for me, i don't know which blocks are protected using bubbles
  16. DrShadox

    DrShadox GeoCorp worker

    Maybe spherical bubble is like that for force players to use their creativity for use them efficiency on a tech made by cube.

    I'm ok with the current system tbh.

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