Seth's blocks but it features DarkLight


doin stufs
Oct 14, 2017
I dunno
Okay since i apparently got random spurts of burnout now i'm just throwing out the complete ones now, baser and compacto
Compacto collector can hold 8 resources in a more compact space than the BF one and has slightly more HP than the brudger 2 at the cost of weight and size.. as its 2 cells and not 1
Baser is basically a modified Arcis into an actual gun (or is Arcis a modified Baser?) that has HE Repeater Rifle levels of looking about, attempting to dislocate itself and dealing 900 DPS, however weight is high, HP is decent and it has o n e AP instead of 5

at least it has actual range lol
next up is the last brudger slopes, a gyro and a knockoff megaton.. after that i'm not sure, most likely the Ieus Rollers (probs gonna redesign the large one agAIN-) idk

this gun is my favorite one so far

Seems that Arcis's vertical gimbaling broke and i'm not sure why..
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