Seth's Armada


doin stufs
Oct 14, 2017
I dunno
So since my Armada is RP now i made a (W.I.P because of the hangar so i can't give out the save rn) save of the current location of my armada (includes the Neutecha Seth, House, Car, And Garage)
As you can tell The Spider has AI options and Overlord Landship and Wall of Death aren't there (neither is my nomad, but idk how much the game can take once these 3 are there, maybe have them somewhere else but not near this), The bigger techs haven't made it here (as well as Wall of Death's hover drones) and the AI Spider is a different model, The Spider is still missing.
Maintenance Unit is working on our Hanger for storage and in case of flash flooding.
20180817212021_1.jpg We're making a second Nimble Miner but ran out of resources while crafting the parts.