separate fire control for drills

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  1. Destroyer5678i

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    I have always wondered if TerraTech has a separate fire control for drills and guns, though I have looked online trying to find a way for it, I am absolutely clueless. It seems in-game there is not an option for it, but clearly a few youtubers such as Lathland, was able to control drills separately without using the gun on his tech. Any help?
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  2. AstraTheDragon

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    If you press a drill against a tree/rock/crystal/enemy it will begin to spin but there has also been a long-standing request for separating controls too.
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    I've moved this thread from "Open" to "Community Help", which seems like a more exact fit.
  4. DrShadox

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    Yeah like @AstraTheDragon said , drill will work by themselv if you touch something with them , but avoid to go too fast in it or you will damage them.
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  5. Lost Ninja

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    What I do, which is of course sub-optimal, is make sure that all the weapons on my harvester can turn to face the enemy, then point them in directions that inhibit firing.

    When in range of an enemy they guns will all point at it and you can fire as normal, when just harvesting only the drills etc function. 3lb cannons are especially good for this. Some weapons are not as good though many of the high end weapons have a fixed firing arc thus cannot be used and those that can fully rotate are often too slow in the turning to be able to track small/fast moving threats.
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