Sensible biomes placement


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Feb 9, 2018
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Biomes should transition more sensibly, and some biomes need to be added for some things to make sense

The tips of mountains should be snowy, and the mountains should be much higher. They should also be much broader and slightly less steep, so large techs can actually get through. The step mountains are just a bad idea, as a geocorp tech could never get through it. (y' know, the techs that (should be) dominating the mountains?)

when grasslands come near a glacier, they should be a darker color, like evergreen trees. trees should also be less sparse there.

Glaciers should be near mountains and salt flats more often, and NEVER near a desert. They should also have more resources, as they are a dangerous place to be.

grasslands should have tropical areas when they border deserts, and grasslands should never touch salt flats.

Deserts should very often have salt flats near them, as they're both very grainy places.

Pillars should EXCLUSIVELY be found in the middle of mountains, sort of as a natural protection for the monuments, also as a challenge, with the reward of the precious resources. To add to this challenge, you shouldn't be able to load techs in the mountains surrounding a pillars biome. Pillars should also have the big monuments in the very center, which, according to lore, could be what prevents tech placement.

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Jun 19, 2017
Saltflats should be a subgroup of deserets, ice should be a subgroup of mountain. pillars a subfroup of deserts.if the formula was twaeked to make sure that no subgroups spawned right on the edges, problem solved.