Scrapping thousands of parts?

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Golbs, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Golbs

    Golbs New Member

    So, on my travels doing quests and killing techs much larger than my own i've been grabbing everything with my SCU but now have hundreds of everything.
    I'd like to scrap and liquidate it all for money to buy more desirable parts but scrappers are slow and violent. If i give a scrapper a bunch of stuff to pick up, it starts to throw it all around outside of its range and I then have to babysit the thing and it's just going to take far too long to scrap everything...

    I've been toying with the idea of a large hopper like structure that i can shove things in so the scrapper cant throw it out but things get really buggy in there so no bueno.

    How do you guys deal with this?

    TL;DR - How do you sell/scrap your unwanted blocks?
  2. Zargn

    Zargn Administrator Beta Deluxe Canary Moderator TT Translator

    I put a anchored cab with a large magnet on top close to the scrappers.
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  3. Golbs

    Golbs New Member

    That's a great idea! i'll try that, thanks
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  4. Daylartoo

    Daylartoo New Member

    I used hawk tubes to make a cage and 2 scraps with there own refinery and 3 cannons.
  5. Smallblock280

    Smallblock280 Well-Known Member

    I just didn't overload it and instead counted the maximum of what it could hold and then had separate smaller scraping stations to put them in.but many it would be nice if they made a silo like block to hold a crap ton of blocks like the recourses and as well many a conveyer belt for the blocks to be fed into the scrapers.that would probably help a lot with the lag when instead of everything being thrown around it's nice and neat.
  6. EjderkesenTR

    EjderkesenTR New Member Beta Deluxe TT Translator

    Place 9 scrappers but there must be 3x3 space middle of them.Connect them to 1 pr more refineries and puta filter to filter blocks which comes refined. Then connect these two ways to Delivery cannons.If you want I can make a prototype to you
  7. Bøømik

    Bøømik Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe Kebab Kingdom

    Don't bump.
  8. EjderkesenTR

    EjderkesenTR New Member Beta Deluxe TT Translator

    Why are you mad at me?
  9. Sharra

    Sharra Well-Known Member

    Why? Should he make a new post for simply make an addition? This is a forum, not a newsboard. Someone finds this, and may find the magnet-solution useful. So whats the matter? You dont like it, dont read it, and move on.
  10. Benbacon

    Benbacon Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe Kebab Kingdom

  11. NoSvOrAx

    NoSvOrAx Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe

    I find a steep hill next to the slat flats. Right at the edge of the flat/hill I put scrappers, 1 for each corp, with a conveyor a little ways to my processing rig. Then I use big geocorp blocks to build a hollow tower, where the hill makes up one side. You need a cutout for the conveyor to get resources and components out to your processing. Then just drop against the hill side and fill the hopper. You may need to put a splash guard across the top, depending on what you are scrapping.

    I normally make resource blocks now and sell all the components. I wonder if we'll get component pallets....

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