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    Hi guys, I'm playing Campaign mode a short time ago and a question came to me. Sometimes I need to create a faster "car" for challenges, and sometimes I want / need to create something fitter for combat and / or farm.
    My question is:
    I have how to create presets for multiple vehicles to load when needed? Instead of having to dismantle and rebuild everything; Which keys to tighten?
    Can this be applied to factories and small fixed buildings?
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  2. QuackDuck

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    I will assume that by now, you have the trading station SCU unlocked.

    To save a tech snapshot (or preset as you refer to), you can make the tech and press the small camera button on the bottom left. That will save the tech and you can load it into the game world by using the Load Tech button on the middle left of the screen.

    You can save and load any sort of tech, be it a giant tank, plane, factory, base or whatever.

    I am unsure as to what you mean by this:
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    You can save/snapshot everything with a cab. You can then right click and select sending to scu. Later, you can use the load tech button at the left. Make sure you have all blocks needed (in your inventory) and arent near enemies.
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    Many thanks guys, when I saw the button I thought it was to capture the screen and share in the steam, so I did not even press.

    I think they could make this button more intuitive or at least show how it works early in the game.
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    yes, true. they could also explain a few more things, like why my parents abandoned me as a child on a street in london
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    They spotted a celestian deposit nearby and.. well.. priorities :)
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