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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ArmchairGravy, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. ArmchairGravy

    ArmchairGravy Well-Known Member

    Can we get actual safe zones for our bases? Here you can see the remains of two spawns, with the third on deck. I'd like to be able to explore the world, but I am spending all of my time on base defense. Ideally, I don't want spawns anywhere inside the radar.
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  2. TheUberCannon

    TheUberCannon Well-Known Member

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  3. ArmchairGravy

    ArmchairGravy Well-Known Member

    I'm adding a link to an album to show how ridiculous this is.
    This isn't happening in just the salt flats. I've been encountering this in every biome. I chose the salt flats here to show how close mobs are spawning to my base.

    Looking over the album, it looks like the majority of close spawns (but not all of them) are happening at night. If you're testing the "night is more dangerous" spawning behavior you've been wanting, then pop the champagne corks. ;)

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  4. ArmchairGravy

    ArmchairGravy Well-Known Member

    Seriously, @Jamie safe zones for bases need to be beefed up. Also, are blocks supposed to despawn or not?
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  5. DaEliteTerraTech

    DaEliteTerraTech Well-Known Member

    There's a solution to actually defending your base.

    We're gonna build a wall. They are bringing megatons, fireworks, and lag. #MakeTheFormerLemonLordsSafeZoneGreatAgain

    Yeah, the wall will cause alot of lag, but at least you've got tons of space to fit defenses on it.

    Ah, who am I kidding. Far-fetched idea. As for the block waste, is there a reason you're not using your SCU? Change with the version that doesn't make it as useful as it was before?
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  6. Vaculity

    Vaculity Well-Known Member

    They did addressed there was a safe spot for the bases, but these jackbot (yes, I butchered it to keep my profanity from spewing out) still spawns, and at certain occasions, either a Venture or a GSO with fuel tanks just ramming towards the base (AT my battery storage) and exploding it, easily destroying all my battery.

    ...though I don't think any invader will spawn around? (If they did, post SS. :v)

    Its a real stupidity, I tell you.
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  7. ArmchairGravy

    ArmchairGravy Well-Known Member

    They are spawning in faster than I can clean them up.

    They did fix invaders spawning on bases. This is all from random spawns. Missions spawn a bit further away, so they're not a problem. These random spawns, though. :eek:
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  8. grg3d

    grg3d Well-Known Member

    Well once they get the IA to work I'm going to set up a defense perimeter around my base with guards...note their still dumb so as of 0.6.2 they still don't work....
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  9. FightBiscuit

    FightBiscuit Well-Known Member

    Yep they look at me and as soon as an enemy is near they start to shoot, so they will hit me before they turn
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  10. reaperx1

    reaperx1 Crazed Builder

    One thing to try is to just put anchors around you base even if they don't have anything on them. It might keep the game from spawning them right on top of you. The spacing might take a bit to figure out. I did that a long time ago and it seems to work, but I haven't had enemies spawn that close to my base in a long time.

    In my TT round today I was testing some AI options out. I might make some turrets or outposts in some enemy populated areas and see how they do. Could be fun.
    I found the escort option to still work to a certain extent. It will follow alright and it will fight enemies unless it is trying to drive up your tail pipe.
    The harvest option started out working, but like before it had got stuck or just stopped by the time I got back to it from scavenging.
    Idle still only lasts about 2 seconds.
    The gaurd option I can't say too much about. There were no enemies around and my tech just sat there. Maybe the tech got gaurd and idle got mixed up.:p

    I ended up taking apart the escort. My tailpipe was sore from him being in there instead of the battles. It hard to back up like that as well. I was like my escort was teamed up with the enemy and he was trying to hold me in place for an easy kill. Can AI turn traitor?

    Have a good one
  11. Jamie


    Yes - not blocks in the safe zone. This was added when players were complaining they didn't have enough time to rebuild around their base as the blocks kept despawning.

    Currently - Critters ignore base safe zones. This is to make the act of defending a base (with sentry turrets, AI allies set to guard etc) actually relevant. If anything significantly threatening (not a critter) keeps spawning at your base - then that's a bug. But by the looks of things, these are just a bunch of critters?
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  12. ArmchairGravy

    ArmchairGravy Well-Known Member

    A bunch of critters armed with megaton cannons, yes. And yes, they are spawning in faster than I can clean them up. That's a lot of blocks there. I do understand that base defense is a part of the game, but it seems to have gone from "a part of the game" to "the entirety of the game". I've abandoned this save and have restarted in the grasslands with an eye toward base defense from the get-go. I'll see how this one plays out as I reach the endgame. If your goal was to make base defense relevant, then congratulations on a job well done! :)

    Edit: I added the save so you can see for yourself.

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  13. FightBiscuit

    FightBiscuit Well-Known Member

    In salt flats i get often attacked by hovercrafts (They can`t stop so they drive right to my base) and from big Techs when I come back from a flight (They are often really close)
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  14. Unity Ability

    Unity Ability Well-Known Member

    Hey in the that pic i thoght you had other techs it would be EPIC driving with an army of techs to loot a base yeah!!
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  15. Captain Load

    Captain Load Well-Known Member

    I can't build a base anywhere on the salt flats without having stuff popping right on top of me. I have a lot better luck in the woods for some reason...they nearly always spawn a respectable distance away.
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  16. ArmchairGravy

    ArmchairGravy Well-Known Member

    This is a mission that spawned right next to my base in .6.2. I'd like to see a safe zone of at least 4 radar bars.

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  17. ArmchairGravy

    ArmchairGravy Well-Known Member

    Here's yet another example, this one from 0.6.4. Large tech spawned right next to my base and proceeded to lay waste to it. Since the AI is still pretty useless for defense (see Bugs forum), I am unsure how to keep my base safe.
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  18. Charles Vanover

    Charles Vanover Well-Known Member

    In my experience using the GEO anchor provides a large safe area in comparison to the GSO anchor. Also if your serrious about keeping baddies and bay. A "wall" of venture shields ( I mean the bubble not a actual solid wall of them ) is impassible to enemy tech. You can drive your tech through the shields but they cannot.
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  19. Squiggy

    Squiggy Well-Known Member

    He's right, there should be safe zones
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    TRYNNUN Well-Known Member


    Silly goose... that's what AI turrets and AI base defenses are for! ;)

    Location helps too...
    Reference -

    I started small just like everyone else, play smart, stay on your toes and until you get to a point in your inventory where you can venture far from your starter base, you are the guard so stay close. Just remember, the enemy want's you GONE and off that planet.
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